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Noom's Hello collection:

'We believe furniture should do more than fill a space — it should inspire and uplift'

Noom has unveiled its innovative 'Hello' furniture collection, designed by Denys Sokolov, co-founder of Svoya Studio, at Milan Design Week.

The 'Hello' furniture collection is designed to be more than functional pieces that fill a space. Instead, it is intended to inspire and uplift those who use it. Each object in the collection can change the mood of a room and add expressiveness to it. Noom's goal with 'Hello' is to redefine how people interact with their furniture. Every object offers various customisation options, which invite users to express their creativity and personal connection. This ultimately transforms spaces into vibrant reflections of their individuality.

Kateryna Sokolova, art director of Noom, says, 'We believe furniture should do more than fill a space — it should inspire and uplift. Any item in the collection changes any space or room, fills it with mood, and adds expressiveness. With 'Hello' we aim to redefine how people perceive and interact with furniture. Beyond being mere objects, each piece is an invitation to embrace creativity, expressiveness, and personal connection with the interior, ultimately transforming space into vibrant reflections of the individuals who inhabit it.'

Designer Denys Sokolov explains, 'I came up with the name 'Hello' during the creation process when he felt the almost-finished chair was greeting me with a friendly wink. From that moment, it was clear that the name perfectly captured the collection's essence — playful, friendly, charismatic, and inviting.'

Hello is more than just furniture — it's on the cusp of collectable design. All pieces from the collection offer the opportunity to elevate any space with exclusive materials and finishes. With its potential to become a sought-after collector's item, Hello transcends the realm of ordinary furniture, offering both style and investment value.

Crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, Hello strikes the perfect balance between statement design and everyday comfort. Over nearly a year, Noom's team dedicated themselves to perfecting every detail of the Hello collection. Countless test versions were created and refined until we achieved perfection in proportions and comfort. Recognising that every interior is unique, Noom offers a range of customisation options to meet individual needs and make each Hello piece truly one-of-a-kind.

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