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Jan Kath at Milan Design Week

'Carpets are the heart of the interior'

Jan Kath once again exhibited at Milan Design Week, inspiring guests with the Spectrum collection, inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights in the sky over Siberia.

The flowing gradients, with bright colours blending into each other, project a fascinating, playful lightness onto the floor. The textile reproduction of the images demands the highest level of craftsmanship. Over months of work, the weavers implement the template, ultimately making the fleeting sky images tangible in thousands of knots made of wool and silk.

Carpets have always been an expression of the cultural identity of the people who made them. Numerous styles, such as the geometric Heriz with their extensive patterns, have developed over time. Through its Azer Pulse collection, Jan Kath revives these designs from the northwest Persian region of Bakhshayesh in the Greater Caucasus. These designs are adapted to contemporary times in vibrant colours using highland wool and silk, resulting in a robust quality.

In many cultures around the world, carpets form the heart of the interior. They form the centre of a room on which the whole of life takes place. Not only in nomadic societies were cushions made from hand-knotted textiles to make tents cosy. Divans upholstered with carpets are also popular in the spacious gardens of traditional mansions in Iran, for example. They are often set up by a small river under a shady tree and are ideal places to dream the day away in the midday heat.

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