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Studio Roderick Vos launch three new pieces during Milan Design Week

During Milan Design Week 2024 you are cordially invited to the launch of three new pieces designed by Studio Roderick Vos: the new liquor cabinet BELLY for ITEM Amsterdam, the new sofa DAKOTA for MOLINARI and a new version of the ISOLA table for LINTELOO !

The Belly brings the liquor cabinet back in fashion. The design of the naturally flowing exterior, that fuses angles with curves, houses practical shelving for bottles as well as a spinning display platform in the center of its belly.

Glamorous on the outside, simple on the inside. With its unique form and seamless mounting, The Belly Cabinet is a true eye-catcher for any home.

Roderick Vos: "I have always been fascinated by the process of vacuum forming and making molds. My design approach to the Liquor Cabinet may seem improvised, but it certainly wasn't easy to achieve a perfect balance between technology, material, and aesthetics. When heating this sheet material, you can shape it into almost any organic form. That was exactly my starting point; exploring the plasticity of this material."

For this project, the new Dutch furniture brand ITEM used an acrylic-based solid surface material called Getacore. Due to its optimal sheet dimensions, there were no limits to the size of the cabinet. Additionally, a large panel was manufactured for this design, minimizing the use of seams. With its broad color palette, The Belly Cabinet has truly become a magnificent piece of craftsmanship.

Roderick Vos: "But let's not take our profession too seriously. Humor is important too. The Belly Liquor Cabinet can display a variety of liquors and glasses, enabling a wide array of choices to be made by its user. However, the shape of the cabinet suggests something else..."

A collaboration that celebrates the art of Italian leatherworking
"Dakota is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and minimalism, folding cushion-shaped elements into a comfortable and inviting form. For me, the sofa taps into a universal design language, creating shape through gentle curves and a clean silhouette. But what truly sets Dakota apart are its subtle details: when you take a closer look, the stitches and finishes tell a story of craftsmanship and the unmistakable touch of Italy's artisans.

Divided into three elemental parts—seating, backrest, and armrest—that seamlessly merge into each other, the sofa gains its unique signature. With its thin metal legs gently pushed into the leather upholstery, an illusion of lightness is created, lifting the sofa from the floor. In my opinion, it is a timeless piece, distinguished by graceful lines and refined proportions." - Roderick Vos.

Introducing 'Isola by Studio Roderick Vos', a LINTELOO classic from 2009 redesigned with FSC certified Sucupira wood. Inspired by nature's artistry, Isola boasts an organic silhouette reminiscent of sandy shores and ocean waves. Its tabletops feature delicately milled rings, echoing the rhythmic motion of tides. Now crafted with Sucupira Amarela wood, Isola exudes warmth and sophistication. Available in various sizes, it serves as a versatile centerpiece for any space, encouraging gatherings and conversations. Finished with natural oil for durability, Isola invites you to create cherished memories with loved ones in style and elegance.

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