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Italy introduces innovative 3D-printed clay homes: TECLA

In Italy, a collaborative effort between Mario Cucinella Architects and 3D printing specialists WASP has led to the creation of TECLA, a novel sustainable housing prototype. This initiative aims to address both the climate crisis and the ongoing housing shortage by merging ancient building materials with cutting-edge technology.

TECLA's significance lies in its departure from traditional construction methods. By utilising locally-sourced clay and employing 3D printing techniques, the project constructs two domes with impressive structural integrity and natural thermal insulation. With 350 layers of clay, these domes demonstrate the potential for sustainable construction while minimizing energy consumption.

Photo: WASP

This collaboration challenges established norms in the construction industry. The dual-dome design, featuring an open roof and skylights, not only showcases architectural innovation but also emphasises adaptability to contemporary housing needs without compromising environmental sustainability.

TECLA serves as a tangible solution to the global housing crisis, offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional building practices. It underscores the importance of embracing sustainable approaches in construction and calls for wider adoption by architects, builders, and governments worldwide.

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