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Modernity with an organic twist

Portuguese design company, The Stylish Club has presented its latest project, 'Modernity With An Organic Twist'. This project showcases its innovative approach to minimalist design, blending modern aesthetics with organic elements to create unique and inspiring interiors. The idealization of a concept forms the basis for every project, from the conceptualization of the space with the client and the architect to site visits to monitor the process of materialization, as well as attention to every detail, such as choosing the colour palette that best captures that concept.

In a privileged location with sublime views, this stunning modern-style villa was born, reflected not only in the clean geometry of the building's architectural lines but also in the elegance and innovative functionality of every space in this project.

A functional entrance hall
The Entrance Hall was designed with a functional approach, combining elegance and utility. Each element has been carefully chosen to optimize the space, providing a welcoming and organized welcome.

The lighter tones convey a sense of peace and tranquillity, while providing a visual extension of the space, something desired for this narrow corridor. By opting for a classic, timeless marble such as travertine, the minimalist approach emphasizes functionality, resulting in a harmonious atmosphere.

The Natur Console proves to be the perfect fit for this space, aligning seamlessly with the overall concept of the entire house. Inspired by nature, its minimalist design incorporates natural materials, creating a versatile Nordic-style piece that effortlessly complements any decorative environment. This console is the ideal choice for adding a warm and welcoming touch to your entrance hall.

An iconic open space

In an integrated open-plan environment, the living room of this villa has culminated in a modern design. The interior designer was concerned not only with the aesthetics and comfort of its inhabitants, but also with making the most of the space, elegantly incorporating a dining area into the space. Once again, the choice for the dining table fell on the Natur Collection. Practical and aesthetically appealing, this is the ideal dining table to gather all your friends, offering a glamorous practicality by its shapes and the nobility of the materials used.

The introduction of organic elements in the decoration of this living room, through the floral arrangements, as well as the side tables, such as the Olivier Side Tables and the Natur Side Table, bring browner tones to the space, integrating it in a harmonious way.

Finally, in this living room, the His Modular Sofa has been placed in neutral colours - a sofa designed down to the last detail for your comfort and relaxation. The straight lines illustrate a versatile and modern piece, living up to the concept of the entire villa, carefully crafted to provide the best possible experience.

An elegant suite
As the bedroom is typically the most intimate room in a house, special care was taken to imbue the space with the personality of the person who will inhabit it. The bed was selected from the Sublime Collection - Featuring a contemporary design with classical inspiration, the Sublime Bed seamlessly combines simplicity with modernity. A noteworthy reinterpretation of comfort and warmth, this piece adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Every detail was meticulously considered, from the thoughtfully selected lighting to the choice of furniture and decorations. It was crucial that each element within this space carried significance, effectively narrating the story and experiences of those who reside here.

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