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Take a look at Robert Downey Jr.'s curvy modern house

Robert Downey Jr.'s Malibu home stands out as a striking example of modern architecture, characterised by its unique, curvaceous design crafted from undulating arches that open onto a picturesque backyard and pool. His residence was designed by Binishells, a forward-thinking company aiming to redefine home building.

Photo: Dreamstime

Binishells utilised their advanced construction method to realize Downey Jr.'s vision of a sleek, environmentally-conscious dwelling. Originally conceptualised by Dante Bini in the 1960s, Binishells employs a technique that moulds concrete into expansive, monolithic shapes using air pressure, resulting in what the company terms a 'building envelope.' This approach not only enhances the architectural appeal but also optimises efficiency in construction and sustainability.


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