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Design studio to transform the Centre Pompidou in Paris

In 2020, the French Minister of Culture approved a comprehensive renovation initiative for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in 1971. This project aims to address structural issues and secure the long-term sustainability of the iconic museum, which has been celebrated for its unconventional architectural style but also faced controversy.

To facilitate an efficient renovation process, the Centre Pompidou will close its doors for five years, from September 2025 to 2030. Leading the renovation efforts is French architecture firm Moreau Kusunoki, collaborating with Frida Escobedo Studio and AIA Life Designers, selected through an international competition overseen by Renzo Piano.

Photo: Dreamstime

Nicolas Moreau and Hiroko Kusunoki, the architects spearheading the project, emphasise the renovation's focus on four key objectives. Firstly, they aim to reintroduce the interior's porosity, restoring visual and physical connections between different spaces within the museum. Secondly, they plan to streamline spatial organisation, creating fluid pathways to improve visitor navigation while adapting to contemporary needs.

The third principle involves activating spaces to enhance their flexibility and creative potential, aligning with the Centre Pompidou's identity as a cultural hub. Lastly, the renovation seeks to respect the building's original character while making the intervention distinctly visible yet complementary. This includes maintaining existing chromatic schemes while introducing neutral materials and textures.

Overall, the Centre Pompidou's renovation project not only aims to resolve technical issues but also seeks to rejuvenate its architectural and cultural significance, ensuring it remains a dynamic center for artistic expression and public engagement in Paris for years to come.


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