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Furniture China reveals the top five trends in Home Design for 2024

These are the top five trends in Home Design for 2024 according to Furniture China:

1. Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz
"Peach Fuzz" brings new possibilities to home product design´╝îbecause it looks inviting and exudes a welcoming aura.

2. Minimalism
In the realm of home design, modern minimalism remains a favourite.

3. Future Retro
Future Retro is a design trend that combines elements of the future with nostalgic references to the past. It embraces futuristic aesthetics and technologies while incorporating retro-inspired design elements from different eras, creating a unique and captivating visual style. This trend brings a sense of novelty and familiarity, appealing to those who appreciate both modern innovation and the charm of the past.

4. Multifunctionality
With the diversified demands of living scenarios, multifunctional furniture will continue to be a popular choice, providing people with a more convenient and comfortable living experience.

5. Sustainable Luxury
With people's increasing emphasis on natural health, a new luxurious lifestyle is bound to incorporate keywords related to environmental protection. By utilising materials such as recycled paper and reclaimed wood in a more meticulous manner, the integration of luxury aesthetics and sustainability concepts will bring about a greener and more comfortable home environment.

Source: Furniture China

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