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Kebony wood clads architect's cabin on a lake in rural Norway

At the entrance of Grønsfjorden, in Southern Norway, sheltered from the strong winds on the coast near Lindesnes, lies a secluded cabin. Almost entirely finished in wood, both in the interior and with its Kebony wood cladding, the nature-oriented summer cottage has become a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Daniele Sales Myrhaug, co-founder of local architecture and design firm Alma Eik, brought her studio's holistic philosophy specialising in harmonious home design into the creation of her own new cabin. Sixteen years ago, she moved from Brazil to Norway. The focus on the tranquillity and peace that proximity to forests offers inspired the project.

The ambition was to build a house that was architecturally interesting and functional, while adhering to the key principles of sustainability and integration into the local environment. The cabin, which is only 90m² in size, has three bedrooms, an open living and kitchen wing, bathroom, hallway, loft, and two terraces. Large windows and sliding doors provide sea views from both terraces, and bring both nature and daylight into the cabin. Inside, all rooms, except for the bathroom and the area around the fireplace, are lined with plywood. Almost all furniture is custom-made, specifically for the property, to maximise the space and functionality of the interior as much as possible.

For the exterior, she chose to finish the building with Kebony Clear Cladding, immediately evoking the rustic, natural character of the surrounding forest.

Kebony is a global manufacturer of double modified wood, and a pioneer in sustainable building practices for over 25 years. The patented Kebony technology, developed in Norway, transforms sustainable softwood species, such as pine, into products with similar aesthetic and mechanical characteristics as tropical hardwood. This reduces the need for deforestation of the planet's vital rainforest reservoirs.

The wood is first infused with a bio-based liquid, triggering a chemical reaction in the wood's cell walls to become 50% thicker. This increases the dimensional stability, durability, and hardness of the wood. The resulting Kebony wood has significantly reduced water sensitivity and does not splinter, which, in addition to the minimal environmental impact and refined aesthetic finish, made it the ideal material for this lakeside cabin.

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