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Developed in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola

During Milan Design Week 2024 Salvatori will unveil the brand's first bathroom collection

During Milan Design Week 2024 Salvatori will unveil the brand's first bathroom collection developed in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. Named The Small Hours, it is a complete offering that combines natural stone with a range of materials, and reflects meticulous attention to functionality, geometry and colour. The name itself refers to that special atmosphere that accompanies daybreak, that intimate moment of solitary reflection before the world awakes to a new day.

The collection captures this to perfection as Salvatori continues its exploration of the concept of the bathroom as a sophisticated yet calming haven, a place that restores the mind, body and soul. It also pushes the idea that this most intimate of rooms should be distinctive, even sharing a design ethos that in some ways crosses over with that of a home's living zone.

As such, it features a host of elements designed to create striking, highly personal bathrooms that make a statement, with wall-hung, countertop and freestanding washbasin variants, a top with backsplash, shelves, drawers, a shower tray and round bathtub. There are also a series of accessories including round and rectangular mirrors in a range of sizes which can be customised with the phrase "Believe me or your eyes". Rounding out the collection is a family of floating shelves made of steel, wood and natural stone, and a stool in walnut wood, which serves to underline the evolution of the bathroom as a more holistic living space rather than purely functional.

The leitmotif of the collection is the cylindrical shape, used to impose architectural rigour and bring harmony to the various elements. Through the use of simplified versions of the cylinder via pared-back, defined lines, the stone itself falls under the spotlight, ably complemented by a supporting cast of oak and walnut wood and steel accents.

On one hand, we have understated forms and the vivid touch of metal, while on the other is the innate naturalness of stone. Urquiola envisages the steel as a form of glue that defines volumes and fine surfaces whilst also serving to disrupt the single-material approach. The combination transforms the bathroom into what could be described as a continuously evolving architecture of the senses. The result of this unexpected fusion is powerful, with the contrast between the solidity of stone and the smoothness of steel simultaneously generating a pleasing tactile and visual effect.

Salvatori is renowned for its mastery of natural stone and once again, this peerless material is used in an artful, respectful manner. The brand's innovative approach can be seen in the way different textures and tactile sensations come together in The Small Hours, while a variety of types of wood add further interest.

There is also news when it comes to the choice of stone, with Salvatori's emblematic neutral palette like the class light travertine being joined by a more vibrant colours such as Verde Guatemala and Verde Antico. These additions represent the perfect counterpoint between Salvatori's philosophy of understated luxury and the distinctive style of Patricia Urquiola.

The Small Hours marks the latest of many collaborations for Salvatori with leading Italian and international designers and the third with Patricia Urquiola. Following on from her Kore miniature houses for The Village and the Taula table series, the Spanish designer moves into the bathroom space and in doing so offers up an intriguing new vision of the Salvatori universe.

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