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'Install the Gyrofocus in spaces that do not meet all the requirements necessary for a conventional fireplace'

A new revolution in the world of fireplaces from Focus: The suspended, pivoting Gyrofocus is now available in a bioethanol version. Developed in partnership with Ignisial Paris, the French specialist in top-of-the-range ethanol burners, allowing an autonomous version of this iconic model, operated with an electric battery. The completely safe electronic burner is operated by remote control. Smokeless combustion avoids the need for an external flue (if situation allows). This makes it possible to install the Gyrofocus in spaces that do not meet all the technical requirements necessary for a conventional wood or gas fireplace.

Gyrofocus Bio├ęthanol. Photo: Dominique Imbert

The appliance has an electronic filling pump, a safeguard that prevents refilling or relighting after operation while the fireplace is still hot, an overflow protection system, and a built-in CO2 sensor. These safety features were critical in Focus's decision to partner with Ignisial Paris to develop a burner specifically designed for the Gyrofocus.

The burner has been conceived for the interior space of the Gyrofocus in perfect harmony with the opening of the fireplace. The flame play, the ultra-realistic ceramic logs and simulated glowing bed of embers are stunningly similar to a real wood fire. The Gyrofocus bioethanol has excellent heat output and offers a cosy and welcoming fire in keeping with the fireplace's iconic history.

Another major innovation is that the burner has been designed so that it can be retrofit for an older-generation Gyrofocus with an open hearth. The wood-burning hearth can be converted to a bioethanol burner by removing the grate used for the logs and sweeping the flue. This must be carried out by an authorised dealer. This retrofitting system is an effective environmental solution in all regions where regulations restrict wood-burning fireplaces.

This innovation is 100% Made in France, from design to production. Moreover, Focus recommends using Aluflam bioethanol produced by Ignisial Paris, an odourless and colourless fuel made from sugar beet grown and distilled in France in the region of Champagne.

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