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Experts say we're stepping away from the 'pop of red' trend

Is red still our favourite 'pop' colour?

Interior design experts have noticed a shift away from traditional accent colours like red towards vibrant greens and blues. While red remains popular for its dramatic and warming qualities, homeowners and designers are increasingly drawn to the refreshing and versatile nature of botanical greens and captivating blues.

Photo: Dreamstime

These colours are celebrated for their ability to uplift and calm spaces, evoking the tranquillity and restorative qualities of nature. This trend reflects a broader movement towards using colours that create a sense of rejuvenation and connection with the outdoors within interior spaces.

Design experts have noted a growing preference among clients for blues and greens due to their ability to make rooms feel larger, brighter, and more invigorating. This shift is part of a broader trend towards warmer and more vibrant colour palettes in interior design, where greens especially complement earth tones such as brown, pink, red, and orange.

The versatility of green is highlighted as a key factor driving its popularity. Its adaptability allows designers and homeowners alike to experiment with bold and striking interior palettes that refresh and energise living spaces.

As the appetite for expressive and sophisticated interiors grows, the emergence of blues as dominant accent colours signals a departure from traditional choices like red. This trend underscores a broader cultural shift towards embracing colours that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a sense of well-being and connection to nature within home environments.


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