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Interview with founder of Objet de Curiosité

'Our French culture plays a very important role; It undeniably makes its mark in our creations'

The history of Objet de Curiosité draws its inspiration from the passion of the
extraordinary and brings us back to the cabinets of wonders made of new and unusual objects. This universe is a chamber of wonders. Constantly in motion where the bizarre meets magic, in all its forms. The brand offers eclectic curiosities making strong statements to decorate the most singular interiors through three themes: Naturalia, Ornamentum and Mobilium.

The founders Pierre-Emmanuel & Lilau Grange-Jaricot.

Why did you create Objet de Curiosité?
Founder Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot: 'It was a childhood dream. Since I was 6 years old, I've been kind of a jack of all trades, amazed by everything I find in nature. And ever since, I've had this "18th century naturalist" way of being that combines curiosity and scientific knowledge. My parents designed furniture, and the idea came naturally to combine all these passions. My meeting with Lilau, and her talent as a designer, also proved key in this momentum. Objet de curiosité was thus born of multiple passions: love of nature, antiques, love of beauty, and love itself.'

What is your creative DNA and structure?
'There are several factors. It must first inspire and touch Lilau and me. Our ideas must
also be rooted in nature and history. We do not create just for a beautiful feature or from an aesthetic that comes from nothing. We start with items that have a history and adventure and personalities that we revisit. We imagine what they are whispering into our ears, and let the dream take over from there.'

Does being French plays a role in your brand universe?
'We travel 70% of the time in a world very far from France — and the more we travel, the
more we feel French. Our French culture plays a very important role. It undeniably makes
its mark in our creations. The relationship that the French have to their interior is intimate;
their home is both a safe haven in which they want to feel good, as well as a convivial
place to have good times with friends.'

What is your role in the company?
'I mostly take care of the sourcing of natural elements and materials on the ground for everything related to our natural curiosities. I also establish networks of enthusiasts who, on a day-to-day basis, search for curiosities for us according to our specifications.'

How do you find your unique pieces?
'Our network is aware of what we are looking for. For example an elephant bird, now extinct, which is known to have existed in Madagascar. Our partners are on standby for a set of curiosities specific to their territory. We then feature the unique piece through a hand-sewn scenography that enhances it.'

How do you create new products in line with user expectations?
'To be in tune with users, we keep up with changing lifestyles, time and sensitivity. We are
inspired by everything we see and feel in our life journeys, without limits. Once we have all
these inspirations, we design universes with common sensibilities. We have paradoxes:
the more we approach nomadism, the less materialist we get and the more people feel
lighter. On the other hand, nomadism seems to make people more sensitive to objects and places. They become even more sacred, because they need to anchor themselves to their roots and the history that make them who they are.'

Are your unique pieces actually unique in the world?
'Yes, because each piece is its own character with its own personality. We shape them in
accordance with their identity, searching for the best way to convey this identity. It is like
children who discover a treasure and have eyes only for their new discovery and how they
will be able to accommodate it best in order to share it with those around them.'

What do your customers look for in your universe?
'A universal value and an emotional journey that fascinates them. When you activate a
mechanism that features a prehistoric mosquito in amber, a meteorite fragment or water
dating back millions of years that moves within a mineral, you experience a privileged and
exciting moment that hypnotises you.'

What are your current developments in the world?
'We are currently developing in Asia and the United States. The opening in Asia means a
growing demand for new referents. After a rich and baroque phase in terms of design, they are waiting for lighter and cleaner lines. Americans are, on the other hand, very sensitive to history, and they enjoy our curiosities.'

More information:
Objet de Curiosité
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