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Swedish studio Merry Monday: where brain research meets design

In today's fast-paced business world, companies often invest in various strategies to enhance psychological well-being, stress management, employee engagement, self-leadership, and more. While these efforts are commendable, the Swedish studio Merry Monday believes there is an untapped resource within office spaces - the untapped mental potential of employees. Founded by interior designer Lena Nyholm and communication advisor Mia Öhrn, Merry Monday is on a mission to create office environments that not only look appealing but also contribute to the well-being and productivity of employees.

Merry Monday's founders, Lena Nyholm and Mia Öhrn, realized that design, leadership, and strategy are interlinked. They recognized the need for holistic and strategic interior design, aiming to craft environments that not only look good but also feel fantastic every day. Their goal is to create spaces that make employees look forward to coming to the office and wanting to stay.

At the core of Merry Monday's philosophy is the concept of neurodesign. Neurodesign involves leveraging insights from brain research to design environments that promote well-being and performance. The founders believe that by incorporating neurodesign principles into workplace design, companies can create more sustainable and appealing spaces for both employees and the planet.

Lena Nyholm, as the creative director and interior designer, brings her expertise in colour psychology and neurodesign to create environments that have a positive influence on the human brain. She has a background spanning fashion, music, and interior design, resulting in a distinctive design language. Mia Öhrn, the CEO, contributes her experience in strategy and change management, emphasizing the importance of psychological well-being in achieving positive development. Her holistic approach to office design aims to enhance psychological safety and co-creation.

Scientific research has demonstrated the profound impact of our environment on our well-being. Whether it's views of nature, colours, shapes, patterns, light, or sound, our surroundings significantly influence us, both psychologically and physically. Merry Monday collaborates with experts in the field to ensure that their design approach aligns with the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology.

The studio's focus is on combining science and aesthetics to develop office spaces that stimulate both reason and emotion. They utilize research and data to design environments that positively impact individuals' psychological and emotional states, making them not only functional but also emotionally enriching. In essence, they aim to transform the way we perceive and experience office spaces.

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