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Philippe Starck and AXOR celebrate 30 years of partnership this year

How design plays a key role in the development of the bathroom sector

Why is design so important in furnishing and organising our daily lives? And how has design played a key role in the development of the bathroom sector in recent decades?

'To shape our image or influence our culture, design has to find the right form to suit a need, a zeitgeist or a new function. Of course, this is easier said than done, because the 'right' forms and the necessary functions can be recognised more quickly afterwards than during the design process. This requires designers with vision and strong creativity on the one hand, and entrepreneurs with imagination and courage on the other,' says AXOR. One of the best-known examples is their collaboration with Philippe Starck. This year marks 30 years of partnership.

Philippe Starck.

Designer Philippe Starck uses design as a creative tool to provide a service. His versatile work shows what creativity can achieve when used to innovate and play with traditional patterns. In the modern bathroom, we see today what was hidden for so long behind standardised tiling and stereotypical ceramics: a still highly functional space that combines high-quality materials, colours and a sensual feel with modern and elegant forms. This is how AXOR and Philippe Starck revolutionised the Salon d'Eau in 1994. This radical and successful concept completely changed the image of the bathroom.

'There are many groundbreaking ideas that Philippe Starck brought to AXOR or even to the whole industry. The two most important ones were thinking not only about the product, but also about designing a space and rethinking the interaction between man and product,' summarises Olivier Sogno, VP AXOR.

Philippe Starck added: 'Together with AXOR, I share a deep love for water. We come from water, are made of it and need it. I have a profound relationship with this element and am always saddened when this vital resource is abused. I therefore wanted to commit myself to protecting and preserving water. AXOR has the same vision. The only way to make these iconic faucets successful was to present water as a luxury product in order for its value to rise in the eyes of consumers.'

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