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Famous manufacturer for the automotive industry Pininfarina ventures into interior design

Oksýs is Pininfarina's inaugural collectible design project, unveiled during Milan Design Week at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery. The famous manufacturer for the automotive industry ventured into interior design with a chaise longue, embodying Pininfarina's core values of Italian craftsmanship and innovation.

Oksýs represents an oxymoronic concept: in Pininfarina's perspective, artificial and natural, humanity and nature, coexist harmoniously rather than opposing each other. Crafted in Pininfarina's workshops in Cambiano (Turin), the chaise longue is a single aluminium casting, juxtaposing two textures and forms.

The upper seat features a sleek surface with fluid, refined lines reminiscent of Pininfarina's automotive designs. In contrast, the lower part evokes raw rock textures, symbolising natural elements with its course, rugged appearance. These elements converge to form a balanced whole, blending dynamic and static qualities, solidity with allure.

The 'collectible' ethos aligns with Pininfarina's heritage from its inception. Founded by Battista Farina in 1930, the company's initial focus was crafting luxury cars as collectible pieces, akin to haute couture garments, fulfilling future users' dreams. Today, Pininfarina continues this tradition, melding creativity and craftsmanship to create singular pieces uniting artistry with industrial expertise.

Designed by Marco Becucci from Pininfarina's architecture team, Oksýs was selected by a panel including gallery owner Rossana Orlandi, designer Giulio Cappellini, and Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. The Architecture and Product Design team is overseen by Giovanni de Niederhäusern.

Oksýs will be produced in a limited edition of just three pieces, exclusively available at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery.

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