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Layered works with Danish floral artist for Magical Garden Collection

The Magical Garden Collection is an exclusive collaboration between Layered and Danish floral artist Poppykalas. Inspired by the beauty of a flourishing garden, the collection holds two unique rug designs, ready to transform your space into a blossoming sanctuary.

Inspired by the beauty of a garden in full bloom, the Magical Garden Collection consists of two unique rug designs that each evoke the feeling of strolling through a lively garden, from the harmonious blend of hues to the intricate textures reminiscent of flower petals.

Magical Garden wool rug
Inspired by the beauty of a garden in full bloom, each piece from the collection is set to evoke the feeling of strolling through a lively garden. From the harmonious blend of hues to the intricate textures reminiscent of flower petals, each piece is a celebration of nature's beauty.

Magical Garden consists of two unique designs, each offering a different interpretation of the theme. The 'Magical Garden' rug, which shares the name of the collection, is inspired by a peaceful garden with earthy tones accented by hints of pale pink, peach, and orange.

Sleeping Flower wool rug
Thilde, the creative force behind Poppykalas, reflects on the evolution of the collaboration: 'Before our last collaboration, I had never imagined my floral creations could translate into rugs. However, as we embarked on this journey together, it became increasingly more clear how seamlessly the floral creations could be captured in vibrant floor coverings.'

With rich green hues, and delicate accents of dark red and light pink, the Sleeping Flower rug pays homage to dormant flowers awaiting their moment to bloom. Inspired by peonies, lilacs, fragrant sweet peas, and spring cherry blossoms, the design is contrasted by touches of blue and represents the expansive sky.

Flower Field wool rug
The overall inspiration for The Secret Garden Collection is the prodigious garden, and all the benefits it has on the body and mind. The Flower Field rug is inspired by an atmospheric, wild rose garden with colours of pink, lilac, and yellow. The Secret Garden rug has taken its inspiration from a mysterious hidden place, with a small, rippling stream and tons of wild flowers.

Secret Garden wool blanket
In addition, the Secret Garden collection features two matching blankets in unique designs. Produced along with the well-known Swedish textile brand Klippan, the blankets are made by hand from 100% natural New Zealand lambswool, giving each blanket a thick and soft feel.

Experience the Magical Garden Collection at 3DAYSOFDESIGN in Copenhagen.

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