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Pfleiderer Polska acquires new ownership

Bogdan Kaczmarek, a prominent businessman from Kalisz, recently acquired shares in Pfleiderer Polska, a division of an international conglomerate specialising in wood-based panel production. He has been involved in various ventures, including supplying furniture to Ikea and co-owning the Big Star clothing store chain with approximately 200 outlets across Poland.

His recent acquisition of Pfleiderer Polska marks a significant development in Kaczmarek's business portfolio, transitioning from furniture manufacturing to the supply chain aspect by acquiring a major player in chipboard and laminated board production. The new ownership, comprising Kaczmarek and the Innova Capital Group, is poised to enact transformative changes aimed at enhancing production efficiency and environmental sustainability.


While the company will undergo a name change, specific details remain undisclosed. Importantly, the new owners emphasize their commitment to maintaining current employment levels and anticipate potential job growth as planned investments materialise.

Kaczmarek speaks about Pfleiderer Polska in an article on Business Insider: 'We are the second largest manufacturer of chipboard and laminated board after Kronospan. Kronospan operates a little differently, e.g. it produces many things that we do not produce, they have their own glues and papers. But we will fight for the market and expand our audience.'

He says that he and the team from the Innova Capital Group have a whole list of planned investments for the group 'that will go in several directions'.

Another important issue which they will be tackling is the ERP IT system which oversees the business, which will be replaced. 'Previously, Germany and Poland operated on one system, and tremendous work was done to separate it. And after that we decided that the system was outdated, and it was time for a new one. We would like to do it all at once, but unfortunately this is not possible. For now, our plans are spread over the next five years, although of course there are things that will be created much earlier.'


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