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Subscribe I am already a subscriber 'The first immersive reality platform dedicated to top design brands'

' is the first immersive reality platform dedicated to product and interior design, which seeks to break the barriers of imagination and transform the design sector to provide sources of inspiration to interior designers, architects, decorators, and brands. It has been created as a pioneering concept for professionals and leading design brands that seek to make an impact through immersive and inspiring experiences in the form of exhibition galleries, pop-up, limited edition, and private presentations,' the brand says.

In its launch phase, renowned interior designers such as Alejandra Pombo, Erico Navazo, Miriam Alía, Alba de la Fuente, Puntofilipino, and British architect and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Amir Hossein Noori, creator of DecoHub's interior and exterior space, are participating in this project. All of them have collaborated with leading brands such as Bang & Olufsen, ECOcero, Glamora, ICÓNICO, Lladró, SolidNature, OnWall Surfaces, Ormo's, and Cosentino.

'In a world of constant change, where technological innovation redefines our lives day after day, is the new concept that promises to revolutionise the world of design and architecture. Offering a complete experience of the highest quality, is the new stage where great ideas become reality and design becomes an immersive experience,' explains David Millon, the driving force behind the initiative.

Thus, starts with an AI-generated inspirational multi-space, which is conceptualised by leading interior designers and visualised in 3D of high technical and artistic quality until it reaches an immersive virtual experience (VR).

'We combine cutting-edge technology with design solutions. We customise and create impactful visual content, unique immersive experiences, and co-create with great designers to transform the way design is promoted and exhibited. Technological innovation has enabled the creation of a new paradigm in this sector, which offers endless possibilities for innovation and renewal,' adds David Millon.

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