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Interface unveils its latest modular tile collections

International sustainable flooring company Interface unveils its latest collections of carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT): The Etched & Threaded™ carpet tiles and Earthen Forms™ LVT collection. Both feature innovative designs and consist of modular tiles that pair well together through the combination of striking textures, natural patterns, and neutral shades. This allows for combinations that create beautiful, dynamic spaces.

"Interface's vision is 'Made for More': flooring that's designed for more. For design, sustainability, and innovation," says Kelly Simcox, Head of Global Design at Interface. "Interface has designed these two collections with this thought in mind. We support architects and designers in creating spaces that meet the diverse needs of end users: from focused work to a moment of relaxation in any type of space."

Etched & Threaded: carpet tiles made for comfort
The Etched & Threaded collection is designed to bring the warmth of crafted textiles to commercial spaces. All tiles easily combine with each other. The collection includes seven styles available in 12 neutral colour schemes, inspired by the geometric lines of natural stone to create serene environments.

Etched & Threaded consists of:

  • Two bold, geometric styles inspired by natural stone formations and polished pebbles: 50 cm x 50 cm size in four colour schemes.
  • Two timeless, structured styles with large geometric patterns: 25 cm x 100 cm size in eight colour schemes.
  • Three products with cable, tweed, and wire patterns that are perfect for large-scale use in commercial environments: 25 cm x 100 cm size in eight colour schemes.

Earthen Forms: LVT designed for more
The Earthen Forms collection brings the warmth of wood grain and the cool textures of travertine stone to spaces. The collection includes three styles with neutral shades and modular tile shapes in modern designs.

The Earthen Forms collection consists of:

  • Hearth, the collection's stone and travertine-inspired style adds soft texture to any space: 50 cm x 100 cm size in four colour schemes.
  • Crossroads, combining wood grain and concrete for a unique interior look: 25 cm x 100 cm size in four colour schemes.
  • On Grain, the wood grain style of the collection, has a warm, resilient design, from light oak to rich wood tones: 25 cm x 100 cm size in eight colour schemes.

All three styles of the Earthen Forms collection are coated with Interface's Ceramor+® ceramic bead coating, minimizing wear from daily scratches and scuffs and offering enhanced slip resistance. This is the first Interface LVT collection to feature the Ceramor+ coating available worldwide. As part of Interface's commitment to making the built environment carbon-free through product and supply chain innovation, Earthen Forms, like all other Interface LVT, is made from 39% recycled material.

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