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Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian, co-owners of Illulian:

'Our sales are mainly abroad, especially in the Middle East we are developing really interesting projects'

'Our company was founded in 1959 by our grandfather Massoud Illulian, who had opened his own store in Milan selling antique rugs from all over the world. The art of weaving has been handed down from generation to generation in our family, from the hands of our mother, Shahnaz Illulian,' say Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian of the rug company Illulian. We interview them about the 65th anniversary of the company.

'Over the years, the business grew. Today, the production is based on the creation of rugs with a contemporary style, capable of adapting to any identity and taste.'

Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian.

The showroom has recently been given a new look to celebrate the anniversary. Can you tell us more about the inspiration and vision behind the renovation?
'We liked the idea of creating an itinerary through the showroom, welcoming the customer to a space that resembles an art gallery, where tradition and modernity come together. The areas are large and designed to enhance the rugs, which are hung like great works of art along the white walls, illuminated by spotlights that bring out the vibrant, natural colours of the tapestries and highlight the craftsmanship with which they are made. We wanted a space that was really... rug-centric!'

Illulian presented several collaborations with internationally renowned designers at Salone del Mobile. Could you highlight some of these collaborations and what makes them special?
'We value our collaborations with designers and artists a lot, as they bring a wide range of creativity into our home. This year we had the pleasure to strengthen our partnership with beloved friends, such as Karim Rashid, who designed an incredible, almost psychedelic rug inspired by Japanese philosophy, Zaha Hadid Architects and Paola Navone, who presented new colour nuances of their bestseller rugs.

We were excited to start new adventures with professionals that we appreciate a lot: we like to give freedom of expression to their creativity and to let their personality and background spread free in the rug composition with authentic and unique results. Ferruccio Laviani, for example, "digitised" children's drawings on rugs with an irregular pile and empty spaces; Draga & Aurel used the rug as a canvas, creating a true deconstructed painting, while Simone Guidarelli transferred his creativity "on wool" as a fashion and wallpaper designer.'

The Illulian showroom.

Illulian has started producing outdoor carpets made of high-performance synthetic fibres. What inspired this expansion, and how do these outdoor carpets compare to your indoor models in terms of aesthetics and functionality?
'We decided to expand into the outdoor sector to offer consumers the opportunity to choose our rugs for any scale of project, from yachts to terraces, swimming pools and more. A great example of where our outdoor rugs can be seen is in the outdoor restaurant of the brand-new Edition hotel "The Rome EDITION". The amazing thing is that the fibres we have chosen capture colour in a surprising way and reproduce the same visual and tactile effect of wool. They also have good resistance to weather and UV rays, and are fireproof, stains-resistant and waterproof, making them ideal for experiencing the outdoors as a true extension of the home.'

The craftsmanship of your artisans in Nepal is a significant aspect of your rugs. How does Illulian support and maintain this traditional craftsmanship in the modern design industry?
'Manufacturing in Nepal guarantees us, and the end consumer, the highest quality product. Here we have two production facilities where our pure silk and Himalayan wool rugs are hand-knotted on wooden looms. It is an enchanting, in the truest sense of the word, and somewhat poetic work that requires dedication and passion. The process follows very precise steps: the desired pattern is transferred to a millimetre map, where each point corresponds to a knot, a dye-obtained from vegetable substances-and even a material, after which the carding begins.

An anecdote I like to tell is that the nomadic Tibetan shepherds who do this work, often in groups of three, start and finish the rug together, and if for some reason one of them is absent, the weaving stops and resumes when the group is full again. It is a true team effort and we are honoured to carry on the tradition.'

Illulian rugs at The Rome EDITION. Photo: Nikolas Koenig.

What trends are you seeing in the rug and carpet industry currently, and how is Illulian adapting to these trends?
'There are trends related to product functionality, such as material quality and practicality. For example, it is important to use fibres that are easy to clean. On the other hand, on a stylistic level, the theme of customisation, the play of shapes and colours, is working very well. It is essentially a process of constant research, without ever losing our identity, but constantly refining and expanding our knowledge.

One of the useful solutions for staying on the cutting edge is our Costume Made service, which allows the product to be 100% personalised according to the customer's needs. Then the Limited Edition theme returns, which is indeed very successful: some of our clients have known us for a long time because they inherit family rugs, which are often sober and classic, but beyond that, many young people are interested in having a unique piece signed by a key figure, just like having a work of art in the home.'

What markets is the brand most active in, and how is trade there at the moment?
'Our sales are mainly abroad, with a strong focus on Asia and especially the Middle East, where we are developing really interesting projects. In December, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at an important three-day private event in Doha, requested directly by Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Thani, who wrote to us on Instagram!'

Illulian at the private event in Doha.

Looking ahead, what are Illulian's plans for the future?
'We believe that we are on the right track, without losing sight of the fact that we can always improve. We think we have found the right balance within our company, we like the product a lot and we are able to reach a wide and differentiated audience with our collections.

The American market is certainly one of our main targets: we took part in ICFF for the first time this year, we recently inaugurated the new MC+ studio in Los Angeles and, in collaboration with the Marangoni Institute in Miami, we organised a competition in which forty students designed a rug. The winner saw the creation of her Paraiso rug, which we take to our tradeshows, and won a scholarship.Speaking of upcoming events, we will be at Downtown Design in Dubai in November.'

More information:
Illulian Srl.
Via Manzoni, 4120121
Milan, Italy.
[email protected]