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Why are lighter floor colours so popular?

Lighter floor colours such as Powder White and Misty White are globally popular at Bjelin, for both residential and commercial spaces. According to Nicholas Ymén, Project Sales at Bjelin Sweden, this demand can be attributed to the preference for lighter interiors in Scandinavian design, where long, dark winters necessitate a compensatory infusion of light and warmth. Lighter colours for floors not only create a modern and contemporary atmosphere but also blend seamlessly with various interior styles, whether classic or contemporary.

Nicholas Ymén emphasises that lighter shades serve as a neutral canvas for furniture and decor elements, offering versatility in design choices. "While Powder White has been dominant, there's been a recent surge in the popularity of Misty White, likely due to its more authentic wood expression," he says.

White tones also contribute to an airy, spacious atmosphere by reflecting natural light, though maintenance can be a concern. Fortunately, Bjelin's hardened wood floors with a superior matte pro-finish and the groundbreaking Woodura technology are easy to clean and incredibly durable, being three times stronger than traditional wood floors.

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