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Bolon Benelux increases share of recycled flooring material from 28 to 68%

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Bolon Benelux. Over 75 years ago, Bolon embarked on a visionary idea: the creation of woven carpets from waste material. In other words, recycling long before the concept became a trend. Thus, sustainability is deeply ingrained in the company's DNA. It forms a significant part of the company. "We are proud that our sustainability efforts are reflected in all our products and not just in exclusive niche collections. In terms of sustainability, Bolon is the global market leader," says Bolon Benelux.

All products now contain 68% recycled materials and have a 0% impact on the climate per square metre. At Bolon Benelux, they are convinced that recycled material is the solution for both the climate and circularity.

Climate-neutral products
"At Bolon, we don't need a special 'green' label because all our floors are already green. Made from bio-PVC, recycled PVC, and recycled lime, each square meter contains as much as 68% recycled materials. And the best part? Our floors have a zero impact on the climate per square meter. It's no wonder they are the most premium design floors on the market," says Bolon Benelux.

Climate-neutral production
The entire production takes place in the factory in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Here, they operate in a dry facility, where no liquids are used, except water for air humidification. Moreover, the factory has a closed cooling system without additives and without water consumption. "We are proud to use exclusively renewable and certified electricity, making our production completely climate-neutral. With our solar panels on the roof, we even generate 25% of our annual energy consumption."

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