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Duka's multi-tasking shower enclosure: offering versatility and adaptability

The multi-S 4000 has been developed with the aim of offering a versatile product suitable for any situation and environment. This series becomes multi-tasking, meeting the diverse interpretations of contemporary living. A restyling in design and essence reveals greater aesthetic purity, dictated by a new, more delicate formal minimalism, also in the details, and higher functionality.

The concept of the new multi-S 4000 project is essentially expressed in one word: versatility. Thanks to its clean and essential lines, numerous standard models, and special tailor-made solutions, the multi-S 4000 ensures maximum adaptability to the user's specific needs. The different opening systems (pivot doors and bi-folding doors) make the multi-S 4000 a truly multifunctional solution, ideal for any shower space. It fulfils needs or solves problems in various situations, such as partial or complete renovations or new constructions, and suits any context, whether residential, contract, or hospitality.

Key features and highlights
In its renewed version, the multi-S 4000 series establishes itself as Duka's new passepartout solution. It is an ideal product for furnishing any bathroom environment due to the many variants/models available and numerous technical and aesthetic details that meet the most diverse design requirements. The multi-S 4000 improves functional performance and associates the concept of beauty with comfort, reliability, and safety, ensuring maximum well-being while showering. The series' versatility is emphasised by the simplicity and speed of installation, ease of cleaning, and great durability.

The hinges are fixed to the glass using Duka's 'Brilliant' adhesive technology, eliminating the need for screws and ensuring high glass resistance. The interior surface is smooth, without raised components or obstacles, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it easy to clean.
The barely visible seal system enhances the transparency and purity of the glass.

The support bar, adjustable with a simple twist, ensures greater adaptability, stability, and safety of the glass walls, aligning perfectly with the height of the shower enclosure for easier installation.

The wall adjustment allows the standard shower enclosure size to adapt to any out-of-square measurements, with an extension of between 20 mm and 25 mm. For some solutions, the door can be easily adapted using micrometric wheel adjustment. The hinges, profiles, and support bar, with no visible screws, are extremely discreet. The thinnest part of the profile is placed on the outside to respect the minimalist look of the new multi-S 4000.

The handles are available in three different variants: a standard round (knob) handle for pivot doors, a classic-shaped handle for bi-folding doors with a rubber insert for a comfortable grip, and a square handle (optional) with 'soft' corners and a recessed grip.

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