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Interview with Co-founders, Mariana de Melo and Rafaela Peres Pereira

New showroom of Thema Atelier in Porto serves as both a professional hub and a relaxed environment

Thema Atelier has unveiled its new showroom at Rua de Sobreiras 46 in Porto (Portugal), meticulously designed with comfort, design, and flexibility in mind. This elegantly remodelled space serves as both a professional hub and a relaxed environment, fostering client interactions and project development. Showcasing works by Portuguese artists like Graça Paz and Belkiss, the showroom integrates diverse art forms, enhancing its unique character. Located in a prestigious area with stunning river views, an outdoor access area, and a cosy coffee corner, the showroom epitomises Thema Atelier's vision and dedication to exceptional interior design.

InteriorDaily spoke with the Co-founders, Mariana de Melo and Rafaela Peres Pereira. 'This partnership began as a result of a great friendship that began 15 years ago, and obviously due to our shared taste in architecture and interior design.'

What was the inspiration behind the design and layout of your new showroom in Porto?
'We managed this project taking into account 3 main goals: comfort, design and flexibility. We needed to create a place where our clients would feel at home and where we could balance our furniture design with the interior design work. In fact, the interiors were completely remodelled and repainted, so every detail was designed by us.'

How do you incorporate the works of Portuguese artists like Graça Paz, Belkiss, Isabel Andrade Silva, into the showroom, and how does this collaboration enhance the space?
'These collaborations are a key point of our studio because they promote a great connection between different kinds of art and give more personality to our projects. We are always open to new opportunities and ways to incorporate and support artists from our country, incorporating their pieces into our projects.'

Can you describe how the showroom serves as both a professional environment for presenting projects and a relaxed space for client interactions?
'As mentioned before, the most important part of our job is to create a good connection with our clients and to be able to make sure the project reflects their expectations. The best way to do that is to offer them a space where they can relax and grab an espresso while developing their project with us. Also, we are sure that one's office is the reflection of their work and what they are capable of, so in a certain way when you enter Thema Atelier's showroom you enter our world and experience the way we understand interior design.'

What are some of the key features and design elements that make the showroom an inviting place for social moments and casual gatherings?
'Our showroom is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Porto. There's an amazing view of the river, an outdoor access area, a coffee corner and very comfortable couches and chairs to sit back and just enjoy the moment.'

As co-founders of Thema Atelier, how do you envision the future of the showroom in terms of client engagement and artistic collaborations?
'This new space is a reflection of who we are, so we are confident that this visibility cements our presence in this sector and works as a physical business card for new projects.'

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