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Ames embraces Colombia's beauty in design pieces

Seeing and embracing Colombia in its beauty is the vision of Ames. Founded in 2006 by Ana María Calderón Kayser and her husband Karl-Heinz Kayser, the company predominantly uses the country's traditional natural materials and craft techniques for their product portfolio. Their designs evolve through creative processes with renowned industrial designers, often lasting several months. Once in series production, they translate the wealth of Colombian culture into an international design language.

Colombia-born Ana María Calderón Kayser navigates the complex development process. With her appreciation for quality and her high-level expertise, she seeks out long-established workshops in different regions of the country and establishes encounters between artisans and industrial designers. 'I understand my role as that of a mediator between worlds, introducing my partners and customer to Colombia's diversity.' This creative dialogue results in upmarket items which showcase the playful interaction that designers Sebastian Herkner, Pauline Deltour, and Mae Engelgeer have with natural materials and craft techniques previously unknown to them. The approach taken by the creatives, as well as the design process, is intentionally free and intuitive.

During research trips of several weeks at a time, Ana María Calderón Kayser and the designers immerse themselves in the diversity of the country's materials and colours. Their understanding of Colombia's design and craft tradition is expressed in a powerful collection which impresses viewers with its vibrant, modern, and original aesthetics. These find their place in international interiors and the discerning contract sector.

'Colombia's characters are defined by its altitude. Colombia has no seasons, but it has snowy mountains, rainforest, coastal areas, and deserts,' explains Ana María Calderón Kayser. This diversity also constitutes the basis for the choice of materials and techniques for a product.

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