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Marianne Tromberg opens the doors to her tranquil beachfront property

For Marianne Tromborg, the visionary behind the Tromborg beauty brand, summer is a time that fully awakens the senses. 'When you work with scents as I do, I always look forward to everything blooming and having your senses bombarded with the most fantastic plants – lilacs, hawthorns, herbs. That's the scent of summer for me,' she reflects.

Photos: Fritz Hansen.

Marianne's summer rituals are steeped in tradition and joy. Every year, she celebrates Midsummer on her beachfront property, a ritual that has grown even more special with the arrival of her grandchildren. 'All the houses along the beach light bonfires that stand like small lighthouses on the horizon along the water's edge. Luckily, we always have good weather,' she notes with a smile. The evening is filled with grilling fresh vegetables and enjoying an abundance of strawberries and peas – a true celebration of the season's finest produce.

When Marianne has a day off and the Danish weather is favourable, her ideal summer day is spent under the shade of trees with a stack of books and the sound of the sea in the background. 'It's completely magical,' she describes.

The day often concludes with a relaxing boat ride. Her husband of 30 years, who is also Tromborg's biochemist, takes the helm. 'He is the captain and has the "driver's license" for the boat,' she shares.

Summer in Denmark holds a special place in Marianne's heart. 'It's wonderfully capricious – but when the weather is good, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here at home in Denmark,' she emphasises.

Living near the water provides a serene escape from a busy life. 'There's nothing more blissful than hearing the waves lapping and looking out over the horizon,' she reflects. 'It's quite amazing that regardless of the weather, our view is always magical.'

Deciding between the beach and her beautiful terrace is not an easy choice for Marianne. 'I'm often on the beach during the day and then spend the evening on the terrace, where I can look out over the water or take a dip in the pool,' she says. Marianne enjoys relaxing in her Riviera sunbed with a stack of books, indulging in her love for reading.

The garden at Marianne's home serves multiple purposes. 'It's a space for creativity, play, celebration, and joy – for both the young and old, and our cat Bleu,' she explains. Though their home is relatively new, Marianne has a deep connection to the garden. 'I've been fortunate that my ginkgo biloba – also known as the temple tree – has followed me through my previous homes, including this one,' she says. Prioritizing herbs, lavender beds, and fragrant plants, she balances the garden with a swimming pool.

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