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Interview with Aaron Meilech - Atelier Tapis Rouge Founder

'We took inspiration from a selection of artworks from the 60s and 70s archives of Armando Milani'

Intrinsically intertwined with generations of family heritage, Atelier Tapis Rouge embodies the essence of classic rug craftsmanship, blending familial traditions with acquired technical expertise and cultural influences from global voyages. At Fuorisalone, amid Milan's eclectic backdrop, Tapis Rouge unveiled its latest collection, "Inganni Spaziali," crafted in partnership with renowned graphic designer Armando Milani. We interview Aaron Meilich, founder of the brand, to know more about the collection and their experience during Milan Design Week.

Aaron Meilech, founder of Atelier Tapis Rouge. Photos: Jessica Soffiati.

Could you tell us about the history of the brand?
'For me, carpet making is a family story passed down through generations. The know-how in producing classic rugs is permeated through family traditions and businesses. Tapis Rouge is the quintessence of a combination of various elements such as my family heritage, the technical knowledge I acquired, and the cultural influences I gained from growing up, travelling, and observing the vast scenarios in interior design. From the encounter with architect and designer Natalia Enze, Tapis Rouge was born and cemented its roots. Consolidating the classical manufacturing with contemporary experimentation and highlighting the production processes of hand-knotted rugs, for sure one of our trademarks.'

You were recently at Fuorisalone. What did you think about it?
'Fuorisalone is the place par excellence where you can see the most experimental and immersive projects inserted in the context of the city of Milan. When we opened our flagship, we immediately considered the Brera district, an example of a combination of styles and intertwining of histories (artistic, noble, artisan). This year, we have noticed great spectacularity; more and more companies have chosen the path of scenography to enclose and tell the features of their products in the form of showmanship as part of their own storytelling. It is interesting to visualise these trends and changes over time; it is equally exciting, and challenging, to imagine what new forms this storytelling practice will take in the next edition.

What products were on show and how were they received by visitors?
'This year has marked our debut at Fuorisalone. The new showroom has been presented on several occasions previously to the Italian public, and Milan Design Week was the perfect time to meet a more international audience to describe our production. The major novelty was the new collection "Inganni Spaziali" recently developed together with Armando Milani, a well-known graphic designer, member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique International), which took inspiration from a selection of artworks from the archives of the 60s and 70s of himself.

The collection is a true example of researching in artists' archives, which always has enormous appeal, even more so if the rugs carry on a large scale and perfectly propagate the artist/designer's studies and poetics. We, at Tapis Rouge, strongly believe in deep research as a preliminary yet essential step to develop a quality product. Moreover, a small selection of rugs that tells the dualism of Tapis Rouge's soul has been displayed: a piece from the Modern Classics collection has been showcased to highlight tradition. Whereas to represent the experimentation with colour that is realised in the contemporary pieces of our catalogue, we exhibited "Fiammetta-Giardino in Autunno" rug.

Our audience definitely grasped and appreciated the excellent research and experimentation that are the basis of our collections, and they received the latest collection that was added to the catalogue very well.'

Graphic designer Armando Milani.

What's in store for Tapis rouge in the future?
'We are working on many activities for the future, many showroom appointments, new collections, and as our first international meeting point, we will participate in Carpet Diem in Paris, which will be held in November 2024. We want to increase contact points with the European and International public by participating in events and fairs dedicated to the world of contemporary carpets and design. In addition to Paris and the European cities most interested in design, we dream of presiding over the US and Asian markets.'

More information:
Atelier Tapis Rouge
Via Borgonuovo 26,
20121 Milan, Italy
+39 347 857 1259
[email protected]