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Impatia presents its new luxury game table Scivolo

Located in the heart of the Milan district, known for its iconic fashion and design influences, Impatia strives to embody creativity and a flair for design in all that they do. Uniting the traditions of Italian design, art and craftsmanship, they produce bespoke luxury game tables. 'At its core, Impatia manifests the principle of daring, distinct design that is destined to become a true classic,' the brand says.

Scivolo - Shuffleboard collection
Impatia's latest product collection, Scivolo transcends the realm of ordinary shuffleboards. The company has called it a game-changer, a showstopper, and the quintessential centrepiece for any interior, whether it be one's formal living space or private man cave.

Characterised by its innovative design that utilises glass for the first time on a shuffleboard, Scivolo serves as a testament to authentic Italian design and artisanal production. The combination of the innovative use of glass, the warmth of walnut wood, and the luxurious feel of Alcantara makes Scivolo a luxury item that serves both as a functional game table and a work of art.

The board elevates the gaming experience with a blend of uniqueness and professionalism. This design not only provides players with a distinctive play style but also allows both players and spectators to marvel through the glass playing surface at the minimal structural beauty of the solid walnut frame, accentuating the lightness and elegance of the table's design.

Scivolo also represents a revolutionary leap in shuffleboard gaming, and is part of Impatia's continued mission to Reinvent the Classics.

Following the launch edition, Scivolo will be available in two glass finishes transparent or dark (smoked or bronze), supported by a walnut base. Additionally, the Alcantara padding will be offered in a selection of colours.

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