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Renson identifies six trends in outdoor living

Spending time outdoors is enjoyable, healthy, and more popular than ever. Make no mistake: the world of outdoor living is constantly evolving. Just as with interior design and architecture, new trends emerge here every year. To stay up-to-date, Renson shares the latest developments in the outdoor industry.

The call of the outdoors
"We spend more time than ever indoors, at home, and at work. Yet, it's important to spend enough time outside. A study by the renowned Harvard University concluded in 2022 that "spending time in grassy, tree-filled, and plant-rich environments can improve both mental and physical health". Thus, time outdoors helps reduce stress and anxiety. Heather Eliassen, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, makes it concrete with better sleep, blood pressure, sharper memory, and lower risks of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. It's logical, therefore, that the call of the outdoors is getting louder."

Bringing the inside out
"In 2024, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors continue to blur. Sometimes literally, by extending a floor from the interior to the terrace, but especially in terms of comfort and design. Thus, interior design increasingly finds its way to outdoor spaces. Cosy rugs, soft cushions, weather-resistant fabrics, ... each contributes to an inviting outdoor environment where you can fully relax or spend your free time in all comfort. The rising popularity of outdoor kitchens – often quite impressive and modernly equipped – fits within this trend."

Eye for sustainability
"Sustainable materials and techniques have been on the rise for years. Now, we also see a clear demand for environmentally conscious solutions in outdoor living. This is not surprising. Especially when surrounded by greenery, you become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment. We're becoming increasingly conscious of our ecological footprint and are looking for ways to reduce it. Good news: this is also possible when designing your outdoor environment. The choice for sustainable materials is obviously the foundation. Wooden furniture, design with recycled PVC, upcycling of old items, or an aluminium patio cover contribute to a comfortable outdoor space tailored to you with a minimal environmental impact."

Focus on lighting
"Lighting is a real mood setter, but also a functional addition if you want to relax outside a bit longer after sunset. With a combination of functional and mood lighting, you set the right setting for every occasion. Designers develop outdoor lighting that combines modern technology and a robust character with architectural value. This means an ever-expanding range to meet diverse style preferences. Here too, attention to energy efficiency, with LED technology as a key factor, is evident."

Natural materials
"Those who prefer to spend as much time outside as possible are usually fans of natural materials. Wood, in particular, is often used for outdoor constructions. It blends beautifully with the environment and exudes calmness. Renson combines the charm of wood (e.g., in the slats of sliding panels) with the strong practical advantages, weather resistance, and low maintenance of aluminium for the structure of its covers. This same mix of natural materials, ease of maintenance, and longevity is also evident in garden furniture or the choice of ecological materials in the production of fixed panels or sliding walls for the patio covers."

All year round
"A sunny day invites you to go outside, but why limit your options so much? More and more people are opting to cover their terrace or favourite spot in the garden to enjoy the outdoors more often and for longer. With optional fixed walls, screens, and side elements, you add extra shelter against the weather. And it goes even further. You create a complete outdoor space in no time, where you spend time when you didn't expect it: after sunset, in winter or autumn, on a rainy day. This way, you enjoy your outdoor environment in comfort at any time of the year," concludes Renson.

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