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Logistic solutions for the furniture industry gain traction

Droppery: 'Our goal is to be able to deliver throughout Europe'

Droppery is continuously optimising the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) supply chain for suppliers and retailers in the furniture industry. The Amsterdam-based company assists suppliers and retailers in scaling up by simplifying logistics, thereby stimulating cross-border sales. "We do this by offering a comprehensive suite of services," explains founder Marco Mulder.

And it seems to be resonating well. Droppery gains trust from the industry, leading to many new collaborations with renowned brands. They have recently welcomed (again) a series of new partners: De Zuiver Groep, De Eekhoorn, Starfurn, Hudson Valley Lighting, Steinhauer, Eurofar, Theuns, Classic Collection, Sit Design, Cobra Art, RV Design, Modus Furniture, Pole to Pole, Unit14, Label51, Pot & Vaas, DTP Home, Umo Art, Stalux, Must Living, it's about RoMi, Present Time and Light & Living.

Droppery Team.

International expansion
For many companies, establishing a presence in an unfamiliar market is a challenge. For suppliers looking to expand into new regions, Droppery offers a complete cross-border service. This way, Droppery aims to support its clients in reaching more international customers and increasing their cross-border sales. Droppery is currently active in 18 countries but plans to further expand and foster more collaborations. "Our goal is to be able to deliver throughout Europe, and we are always open to new logistic partners who want to grow with us."

Flexibility for suppliers and retailers
Even brands and suppliers not set up for home deliveries find the right solution with Droppery. Droppery constantly strives to promote efficiency by skipping one or more steps in the supply chain. This approach realizes a sustainable order processing method. Specifically for this group, the company offers various solutions:

  1. Suppliers ship directly to the consumer.
  2. Suppliers send their collection of orders to the Droppery warehouse in Amsterdam, where they prepare tailor-made orders for the retailer and ship directly to the consumer.
  3. Droppery collects orders from the supplier and handles delivery to the end customer through one of its logistic partners.

"In the case of option 2 or 3, we invoice the retailer directly, minimising additional administrative tasks for the supplier," Marco adds. "So, the supplier doesn't need to make changes to their internal processes, while still benefiting from consumer delivery."

White label deliveries for large retailers and suppliers
In addition to logistic solutions, Droppery can also provide white label deliveries. This means large retailers can provide their own packaging, after which Droppery takes over the process to enable drop shipment. "Please note, it's not a fulfilment service," Marco clarifies. "You can rather see it as a transshipment service, to deliver to the consumer as a supplier who only works with a high minimum order quantity."

For more information about the services and how Droppery helps businesses optimise the supply chain, they invite you to contact them. "Together, we can take the next step towards more efficient and effective furniture logistics," Marco concludes.

More information:
Vossiusstraat 20 2
1071 AD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 210 1895
[email protected]