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Percko soars into the French mattress top 10

The French Bedding Market Monitor 2024 provides a detailed insight into the bedding market in France. Occasionally, within a certain product category, you might encounter a brand or company that skyrockets up the rankings of the most searched brands and suppliers. This phenomenon can be observed in the French mattress market, where Percko CKO has made a remarkable entry from outside the top-10 to the fifth position in the ranking in 2023.

Photo: Percko.

Stable market until 2023
Up until 2023, the mattress market in France appeared quite stable when examining the annual rankings of key brands and retail formulas. The only significant decline was observed with Cdiscount, which, in 2020, was ranked seventh but had fallen out of the top-10 by 2023. The top-6 consistently included Emma, Ikea, Conforama, But, Bultex, and Simmons over the years.

The relative calm and order in the French mattress market came to an abrupt end last year. Percko stormed into the top-10, securing the fifth position in the ranking in 2023. The year before, we had already noted a strong increase in online search volume for Percko mattresses in France. In 2021, there was virtually no search activity for Percko mattresses (averaging only three searches per month). However, by 2022, the average monthly search volume for Percko mattresses in France had risen to over 5,600, eventually reaching more than 26,500 monthly searches in 2023. This growth represents an increase of 365% over the past year.

Market data indicates a very strong growth in online search volume for Percko mattresses over the past few years. In January 2023, we observed a significant spike in online search volume with more than 106,000 searches.

About Percko
Founded in 2014, Percko claims its mission is to develop simple and innovative solutions that put an end to the pain and suffering caused by back pain. Essentially, the company was established with a medical perspective and focuses its marketing communications on consumer health and the resolution or prevention of back issues. Percko offers not just mattresses, but also mattress toppers, pillows, box springs, t-shirts, vests, sports shirts, and self-massage accessories, all designed to reduce and/or prevent back pain.


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