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modulyss highlights custom carpet design service at Architect@Work

In a series of design installations at this year's Architect@Work showcases, modulyss will highlight the power of its latest offering: a custom carpet design service. This new service expands the creative control designers have over their vision by incorporating unique graphics, tailored colour palettes or even patterns built around specific brand identity elements. It represents modularity without limits.

The designs showcased in the modulyss stand during Architect@Work events will give visitors across Europe a trompe-l'oeil taste of the creative and practical capacity of this new bespoke service. As attendees approach the booth from varying visual angles, each person's view of the design will be a uniquely personalised experience. Soft flooring with a dash of Belgian surrealism to truly embody the brand's Belgian origins.

The Architect@Work showcases throughout Europe will feature a unique modulyss design created in collaboration with renowned Brussels-based designer Sylvain Willenz. His signature ligne claire style of graphics lends itself beautifully to limitless design possibilities, including dynamic patterns and enticing optical illusions. The unique design patterns bring a rich, deep feel to the image, exhibiting the versatility and complexity of the state-of-the-art tile printing technology.

'This creative partnership with Sylvain Willenz speaks to the core of who we are as a brand: surprising, innovative and infinitely practical. It also knocks down the common misconception that functional equates to boring. The modularity and sustainability of modulyss carpet tiles can and do go hand in hand with bold – and at times even surreal – designs and patterns,' Sophie Hautekeete, Head of Marketing at Belysse, the company driving modulyss.

An early showcase at the London edition of Architect@Work spotlighted an eye-catching design collaboration with Oktra. The UK design studio was driven to demonstrate that a custom flooring vision can far exceed the parameters of one single carpet tile. Proving that designers can apply the full scope of their imagination to soft-flooring concepts, Oktra's work with modulyss is a celebration of the abstract, a swell of organic shapes that seamlessly flow into one another. The result is a cohesive, harmonious visual suited to virtually any space.

The modulyss team will be on-site for Architect@Work events throughout 2024 in Luxembourg, Brussels, Rotterdam, Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt.

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