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Covet Collection Design Editions:

'The collection takes inspiration from The Stone Henge'

Ptang Studio Limited joined Covet Collection Design Editions to create a functional, minimal set of pieces perfect for a modern aesthetic. Using simple and identifiable shapes in its pieces, where ergonomic is blended with design to accentuate the intuitive nature of furniture and to define an instinctual relationship with every item and its user.

The collection is themed around 'Objects of Nature' which define the different series – Living, Dining, Table, Casegoods. The collection takes inspiration from stones of various natures, forms, and scales in informing the individual series. The Stone Henge, one of the most mysterious and recognisable historical monuments in the world is manipulated to compose the arrangements for the Living and Dining Series. The Stepping Stone, one of the earliest forms of human ingenuity inspired the Table Series and Stacked Stones, found all around the world in various forms and uses, led to the composition of the Casegoods Series.

The stone 'bean' features throughout the collection as a signature object. With a sublime influence of Japanese elements like the Tome-Ishi, a small stone 'bean' used in Japanese zen gardens, is a touch of sophistication that elevates this collection to a new level of exclusivity and uniqueness. A high sense of nature and the Earth itself, allows the Object of Nature Capsule Collection to become through its simple shapes and natural hues a truly superb contemporary curation.

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