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Swedish company Layered achieves growth in a challenging climate

Despite the challenges in e-commerce and declines in many segments, Stockholm-based company, Layered, an e-retailer selling premium rugs, furniture, cushions, and throws, has reported increased visibility and an expanded customer base. The faced a challenging year financially in 2022. While sales surged from 39 million to 55.5 million, the company also transitioned from a profit of 2.1 million to a loss of -2.2 million.

Photo: Layered Interior.

This set a difficult starting point for 2023. Still, Layered succeeded in doing just that. While sales saw a marginal increase to 57.6 million, it was on the profitability front that Layered excelled. The previous loss was transformed into a profit of 5.1 million kronor for the year. This also led to a significant improvement in solidity, from 15 to 36 percent.

The results in 2023 showed a remarkable increase compared to the previous year, largely attributable to the cost-efficiency program that was the focus throughout the year.

The company was founded in 2015 and has steadily grown over the years, remaining profitable. While the growth was somewhat more cautious in 2023, there was no dismay over it. Rather, there were cheerful faces at having achieved growth at all in such a challenging global climate.


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