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'An interplay of water and light'

Dornbracht presents the sculptural experience shower Aquahalo

German fittings manufacturer Dornbracht is enhancing its spa applications by adding Aquahalo, a sculptural experience shower modelled on a classic crystal chandelier. The product from designer Michael Neumayr offers unique experiences in line with the company's 'Follow Your Bliss' guiding principle.

Aquahalo is a water sculpture, set in a ring-shaped design, to become the central element in every bathroom. Designer Michael Neumayr based his concept on the Gustavian style, a Swedish trend inspired by antiquity and French neoclassicism at the time of King Ludwig XVI. 'My original inspiration was a chandelier that hung in my parent's dining room,' he explained. 'The glint of the lead crystal and the way in which it reflected the light always reminded me of sparkling water as a child. In this respect, Aquahalo is a contemporary, minimalist interpretation of a Gustavian candlestick.'

The product is available in five finishes, polished and brushed versions of Chrome and Champagne (22kt Gold), as well as Matte Black. Three different flow modes, together with an integrated light, ensure unique water experiences. The 'unique water experiences include Aqua Circle Rain whereby the water falls from the ring like a soft cone, creating a relaxing and meditative effect. Tempest Rain is like an invigorating shower of rain, coming from every direction. The gentle drops fall seemingly without pressure and bring clarity as well as energy. Diamond Rain, on the other hand, combines water and light into a crystal-clear stream that is both comforting and aesthetically pleasing. All three flow modes create moments of recovery for the body and soul, allowing a welcome retreat from hectic, everyday events.

'Follow Your Bliss' remains both a message and a promise. Materials and textures, fragrances, sounds, colours, and light play a crucial role in embracing this key guiding principle.

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