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IKEA launches initiative to use AI across the whole organisation

IKEA is bringing forward a bold initiative to embed Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy across its organisation, embracing the future of technology and humanity, hand in hand. At a time when AI is transforming the business landscape, the IKEA comprehensive training programmes aim to ensure that co-workers are not just prepared but empowered to lead into the new age of AI.

Since FY24, IKEA has set ambitious targets to provide AI literacy training to approximately 3000 co-workers and 500 leaders. According to Parekh, 'This effort is a testament to the IKEA belief in the power of its people to harness technology for greater creativity, efficiency, and results'. He added: 'Our vision is clear. It's about enhancing the capabilities of co-workers through technology, ensuring that IKEA continues to be the place where innovation and compassion go hand in hand.'

A Comprehensive Training Ecosystem
The AI literacy initiative encompasses a variety of courses tailored to meet the needs of co-workers at various levels and journeys within the organisation. These range from AI Fundamentals, available to all co-workers, to specialized training like Responsible AI and Mastering Gen AI and Algorithmic Training for Ethics. The objective is to embed a deep understanding of AI across the organisation.

Beyond this, IKEA has invested in programs such as the Accelerator Programme, for tech enthusiasts with a Masters or PhD in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning or Large Language Models, which aims to fill critical roles by attracting and nurturing the right talent.

IKEA proactively works with various AI tools developed by the organisation or jointly with suppliers. The Hej Copilot, launched recently, is a good example of an AI tool that has been powered in collaboration with Microsoft. It is designed to assist co-workers with highly skilled tasks, from test and image creation to generating ideas and crafting presentations.

These new advancements by IKEA reflect the company's heart and ethics, and belief that the future of AI is human at the core.

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