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Vical presents its new outdoor collections

'Matter and craftsmanship in a direct dialogue with the outdoors'

Vical's new outdoor collections invite us to experience a new way of living outdoors. Focusing on the genuine and direct dialogue between materials and their environment, the pieces in the Pure, Corba and Trena collections use noble materials such as handcrafted recycled teak wood to build spaces that are as comfortable as they are durable.

This is the essence of the Natural Luxury distilled in these new proposals by Vical, in which, in the hands of the designer Pep Gramage, the material is the true protagonist of spaces that surrender to an entirely handcrafted process. Simple and forceful, they are functional and sustainable pieces that reconnect us with nature so that we inhabit the moment.

Thus, the brand advocates an elaboration process that offers the possibility of continuing to enjoy sustainable exterior design for as long as possible. And it does so with furniture that allows us simply to be and also to be convinced that the spaces we inhabit and the objects we live with influence the way we feel, think and behave.

Pure, Corba and Trena: intimate outdoor constellations
If there is one thing that characterises Vical's new Outdoor collections, it is the relationship they establish between matter and space. Each one of its pieces is a bridge that goes from the origin, the source - in this case the handcrafted recycled teak wood - to the environment with which they merge. They are pieces of furniture made not only to withstand the external environment, but to become part of it.

This is the case with the Pure collection, whose clean, diagonal lines have been designed to provide us with the perfect inclination for rest. Armchairs, sofas, single and double sun loungers, accompanied by coffee and side tables, in a sober play of balances in which comfort takes on the shape of wood and gently rocks us just a few centimetres from mother earth. It is simple and forceful seating that makes us feel weightless, projecting us into the relaxation required by the most demanding exteriors.

Curved lines are another direct route to comfort. This is demonstrated by the pieces in the Corba series, designed to create an atmosphere of static movement. Furniture with sinuous, organic shapes that create a close link with their surroundings in an infinite curve that envelops the pieces in a constant flow of form. The wood lays bare its nature and shows us its texture, carefully worked to be a caress, inviting us to rest on sofas, armchairs and deckchairs accompanied by coffee and side tables. Pieces of simple shapes that rest firmly on their own structure and embrace us.

What beautiful memories of those eternal, salty summers are brought back by the braided seats of the Trena collection, which now also form part of Vical's most modern outdoor furniture. In each knot of the rope, through each rattan grid, a story of tradition and belonging that ties us to a land and a culture. A series of armchairs, sofas and chaises longues, accompanied by coffee tables, with all the lightness and freshness of natural fibres and the forcefulness of handcrafted recycled teak floorboards, which support and elevate them, providing a delicate and subtle sensation of weightlessness. At the same time, headrest and backrest are shown as a single enveloping piece that embraces the whole, creating an intimate space.

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