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Blum shows sustainable development initiatives at Eurobois in France

Blum, an equipment manufacturer specialising in furniture fittings, is setting the bar high for sustainable development initiatives. The Austrian company has been at the forefront of promoting sustainability both within its operations and on a global scale, under the banner of "Moving Ideas for Sustainability." Recently, its French subsidiary has also been actively contributing to this mission, showcasing a commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.

At the Eurobois exhibition held in February, Blum reaffirmed its longstanding dedication to sustainability. The family-owned company emphasised its core values of sustainability and long-term thinking, aligning with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With ISO 14001 environmental accreditation dating back to 1997, Blum has made climate protection, infrastructure development, resource management, and workplace environment enhancement central pillars of its business strategy.

Photo: Blum.

Blum's collaboration with the "Vision 2045" project, aimed at promoting sustainable development, highlights its commitment to environmental responsibility. Through initiatives like producing documentaries showcasing sustainability efforts, Blum aims to shed light on global efforts to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

One significant aspect of Blum's sustainability journey is its focus on developing sustainable energy sources. By incorporating heat recovery technology into 95% of its ventilation systems, Blum's factories in Austria can be fully heated using residual heat from production processes during spring and autumn. Additionally, Blum utilises district heating, groundwater cooling, and photovoltaic systems to further reduce its environmental footprint.

The company's commitment to sustainable logistics is evident through initiatives like operating its own rail siding since 2009 and transporting 35% of its deliveries by rail, a more eco-friendly mode of transportation. Moreover, the majority of Blum's truck fleet has been converted to run on biogas derived from regional food waste, further reducing carbon emissions.

Blum's sustainability efforts extend beyond its operations to include waste management and employee engagement. By reintroducing zinc casts from the die-casting process into production or remelting them into new raw materials, Blum minimises waste and maximises resource efficiency. Additionally, the company incentivises sustainable transportation choices among its employees through initiatives like covering the costs of annual public transport passes and providing rewards for eco-friendly commuting.

In support of biodiversity conservation, Blum's French subsidiary has chosen to partner with the "Un RĂªve d'Abeilles" association. Through initiatives like donating funds for ecological reservoirs and sponsoring beehives, Blum is actively contributing to the preservation of pollinators and raising awareness about their importance in maintaining ecosystem balance.


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