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Bend Goods unveils the Tube Collection:

'Redefining modern furniture design'

Bend Goods, an American company in contemporary furniture design, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest collection, the Tube Collection. Departing from the brand's signature wire designs, the Tube Collection introduces captivating cantilever shapes that redefine modern aesthetics.

Inspired by the graceful contours of the human body, the Tube Collection showcases bold and innovative design elements that push the boundaries of furniture design. Each piece in the collection features meticulously crafted cantilever shapes, creating a striking visual impact sure to elevate any space.

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, the Tube Collection offers a unique blend of form and function. Despite the challenges posed by tube bending—a process often regarded as a black art—Bend Goods has successfully overcome obstacles to bring this visionary collection to life. From dining chairs to stools, lounge chairs, and tables, each piece is meticulously designed to reflect Bend Goods' commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship.

'We are thrilled to introduce the Tube Collection to the world,' says Gaurav Nanda, Founder and CEO of Bend Goods. 'This collection represents a new chapter for us as we explore innovative design concepts and push the boundaries of what's possible in furniture design. We believe the Tube Collection will resonate with design enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.'

The manufacturing process relies on a skilled team of tool and die makers, utilising their strong engineering skills to create the cantilever shapes. Tube bending, often regarded as a black art, is a mysterious process that involves inevitable trial and error. Crafting the Tube Chair posed unique challenges, especially due to the distinctive cantilever shape of the tube. Achieving the perfect balance between creating a lightweight yet durable product.

About Bend Goods
Founded in 2010, Bend Goods is a Los Angeles-based design and manufacturing company specialising in modern furniture and home accessories. With a focus on innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, Bend Goods has established itself as a leader in the contemporary furniture industry.

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