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Furniture manufacturer Girsberger refurbishes 455 folding chairs in concert hall

After over 40 years of intensive use, renovation of the heavily worn seating in the historic Neumarkter Reitstadel became necessary. The furniture manufacturer Girsberger, with its "Remanufacturing" division, revives old furniture, bringing new life to the 455 folding seats in the concert hall while even improving the room's acoustics.

In previous times, refurbishing damaged or aged furniture was common, especially for handcrafted pieces passed down through generations. However, mass production in the latter half of the 20th century, coupled with a throwaway culture, curtailed this practice. In recent decades, increasing awareness of environmental and climate protection has led to a revival of furniture refurbishment, which significantly conserves resources, saves energy, and reduces waste.

Girsberger recognised the benefits and necessity of refurbishing old and worn furniture early on. In 2006, the company established a dedicated division, "Remanufacturing," focusing solely on professionally refurbishing furniture in need of renovation. This service expanded beyond the company's own collections, offering its expertise to a broader clientele, including historically significant pieces subject to conservation requirements.

In the summer of 2023, Girsberger's expertise was enlisted in Neumarkt, where the historic Reitstadel had been utilised for concert events since the early 1980s. While the concert hall enjoyed international acclaim for its superb acoustics, years of intensive use had taken a toll, particularly on the seating. During a brief eight-week period, all 455 folding seats were disassembled, refurbished, and reinstalled by Girsberger Remanufacturing.

The refurbishment not only restored the appearance of the seats but also improved the hall's acoustics. Expertise from the engineering firm Müller-BBM ensured that the refurbishment met acoustic requirements, enhancing the brilliance of the concert hall's sound.

Source: baunetz

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