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Nola at Stockholm Furniture Fair:

'Our work has always stemmed from real human needs'

The Swedish brand Nola describes themselves as "community problem solvers". They participate in site and urban development projects with design solutions. 'Today, Nola's products can be found in almost every Swedish city, and our market-leading range extends from classic forms to expressive design for everything from dynamic outdoor public spaces and parks to traffic and pedestrian thoroughfares,' the brand explains.

'Our work has always stemmed from real human needs. We're driven by social sustainability, to make cities and urban spaces safer, more accessible and give a user a heightened experience. We do this by taking inspiration from the outside world and those we collaborate with, to develop both products and the places.' Recently the brand showed their new products at Stockholm Furniture Fair, where InteriorDaily visited the stand. In this article we highlight some of the stand-out pieces at the fair.

Cortado by Superlab
Cortado is a nimble chair with a low backrest and armrests, ideal for spontaneous gatherings and public spaces like cafes, shopping centres, and rooftop terraces. It boasts a comfortable padded seat in so called dry foam for outdoor use and a robust steel frame. It also pairs seamlessly with the Workdesk.

Designed by the innovative Superlab, Cortado addresses the challenge faced by cafes: how to provide inviting seating without encouraging guests to linger too long. The solution lies in its low steel frame, serving as both backrest and armrests. Cortado is a comfy chair with a minimalist design, effortlessly fitting into a variety of settings.

'While developing Cortado, our tests revealed that the low backrest and armrests influenced people to sit for shorter periods and encouraged them to move around more. This insight permeates the entire concept,' explains Jenny Madsen, Concept developer at Superlab.

The Cortado by Superlab for Nola.

Moiré by Mattias Rubin de Lima
Moiré is a pavilion and weather shelter with an architectural reference to urban shapes, as well as an aesthetic flirt with pragmatic barn structures. Its distinct house-like shape complements Nola's range of pavilions and pergolas, speaking the language of the city. It is rationally constructed with a load-bearing wooden frame and can be built to any length with dividing sections at specified intervals. The frame can, in turn, be adorned with layers of slats in different patterns and colours, trellises for climbing plants, or other materials such as channel plastic or, for example, transparent corrugated roofing for additional weather protection.

The dimensions are adapted to withstand large wind loads, allowing Moiré to be placed on open courtyards and rooftop terraces. The pavilion is designed by Mattias Rubin De Lima.

Korg Hammock by Thomas Bernstrand
In response to an increased demand for hammocks, the popular Korg series by Thomas Bernstrand is now complemented with a much-anticipated rocking sofa as an addition to the existing collection. The hammock is suspended from two bars attached to a sturdy A-shaped steel frame that is bolted to the ground. The mesh in the Korg series is valuable for many open outdoor spaces, making the furniture both low-maintenance and dry, as water doesn't accumulate in ways it does on larger surfaces. The seat and frame can be ordered in different colours for an extra exciting expression.

The Nola stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair with the Moiré pavillion by Mattias Rubin de Lima and the Korg Hammock by Thomas Bernstrand.

Alta by Andreas Klippinge
Alta is a steel and wood lounge furniture series designed for both outdoor and indoor settings. The series embodies simplicity, inclusiveness, and versatility. With its soft, pillow-like wooden details, Alta exudes an inviting ambience. Alta offers flexibility and comfort for both solitary relaxation and cosy togetherness with someone special.

What sets Alta apart, as the name suggests, is the ability to elevate (altitude) the furniture by adding perforated screens to the back or sides. This can create a more private atmosphere, allowing users to enjoy the sensation of sitting in the warm spring sun without needing a building to lean against. The inspiration is drawn from steel furniture from the early 1900s, and the modular concept allows the same furniture piece to adapt from a pouf to a bench, to a lounge chair, and even to a shielded sofa.

'Alta is a furniture series that elegantly combines style and functionality. The series aims to be simple, robust and inclusive while remaining adaptable to various needs and situations,' says designer Andreas Klippinge.

The Alta, by Andreas Klippinge for Nola.

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