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Studio Olivia Cognet X Vallauris Lamps

'70s lampshades from Vallauris are collector's items among vintage design enthusiasts'

The giant lampshades from the 1970s in Vallauris are true treasures of French design and craftsmanship history. Vallauris, a small town on the French Riviera, has been renowned for its ceramics and pottery production since the 19th century. However, it was in the 1970s that the town became famous for its giant lampshades, which became iconic of that era.

These lamps were often made of ceramic, a material that has always been at the heart of Vallauris' artisanal industry. What set them apart was their impressive size. The lampshades were often of spectacular dimensions, creating a bold visual impact in the interiors where they were installed.

What made these lamps so special was their unique aesthetics. Many of them featured intricate ceramic patterns and decorations, often inspired by nature, geometric motifs, or abstract art. Vibrant colours and shimmering glazes were also characteristic of these creations. These giant lampshades were true functional works of art that added a distinct decorative touch to the interiors of the time.

In addition to their distinctive appearance, these lamps were also appreciated for their warm and soft lighting. Their large lampshades diffused the light gently, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in indoor spaces.

Today, the 1970s giant lampshades from Vallauris are sought-after collector's items among vintage design enthusiasts. They evoke a time of bold creativity and artistic experimentation and have inspired the artist and designer Olivia Cognet in her new collection of monumental sculptural lamps developed in a contemporary spirit.

In line with her sculptures and bas-reliefs, these extraordinary lamps pay sculptural homage to the bright history of the Ceramic City, where Olivia Cognet is now based. Playing with these local influences, the lamps are photographed by @ThierryLebraly in the old wood-fired kilns of the ceramics town of Vallauris.

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