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An interview with Ukrainian designer Nazar Dobro:

'It's challenging, but we have never sought easy paths'

Located in Ukraine, Dobro Design Studio was established by brothers Nazar and Volodymyr Pavlesa. The duo seamlessly combines architectural expertise with industrial design. In an exclusive interview with Nazar Pavlesa, the co-founder and creative mind behind the studio, we explore the brand's remarkable journey, its dedication to sustainability, and navigating the challenges in Ukraine.

The start of Dobro
'Our story began in a small garage with limited finances, but with a lot of ideas and motivation,' shares Nazar. With Nazar's background in architecture and Volodymyr's engineering expertise, the duo embarked on a mission to create their own company. 'Working as an architect on large urban projects, I realized that smaller-scale projects bring me more satisfaction. As an architect I worked on huge projects with housing blocks and master plans where I felt a lack of good design outdoor furniture.' It was then that Nazar decided to start something for himself.

'With my brother, we created prototypes of our first products and set up a small-scale production. The mission of Dobro is not only to create a quality product but also to satisfy relevant needs of people through design, interact with them through design, evoke emotions, and make the surrounding environment brighter and more comfortable with minimal impact on it.'

'The collection started with one chair. While working with a city park, we were asked if we could make some benches. I thought: why not combine two or three chairs into a bench? We made them and didn't stop there. In addition to the seating module, I designed another table that, in various combinations with seating, creates different benches to meet various needs of people.'

The Bubbles Collection by Dobro Design Studio.

Dobro Design Studio is not just about creating beautiful furniture; it's about doing so in a sustainable manner. 'Metal is an easily recyclable material,' says Nazar. 'This is evident in the Bubbles collection, where from 14 kg of metal, we obtain two full-fledged seating places with a table. This careful use is not only reflected in the products. In two Ukrainian exhibitions, we created our own booths from materials that were then reused. Our first stand was made of corrugated cardboard in which we packed our products. In another, we used profiled sheeting that was later reused in our workshop.'

Navigating challenges in Ukraine
Operating a business in Ukraine amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges is no easy feat, but for Dobro, resilience is key. 'Yes, it's challenging, but we have never sought easy paths,' says Nazar. Despite the adversities, Dobro remains steadfast in its commitment to creativity and design. 'The war brought its challenges, but it was during the war that we first presented our brand at an international exhibition Maison&Objet,' he adds.

'We met many interested individuals and hope that they will become our future partners and friends. We are already thinking about how to present our brand the next time. I'm working on several new collections and I'm going to use a bigger variety of materials. So you will be able to see the new designs soon. We are also looking forward to participating in more exhibitions in Europe.'

The Dobro stand at Maison&Objet.

More information:
Dobro Design Studio
+38 096 340 43 70
[email protected]