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An exclusive interview with creative director Helene Knorr:

The Heritage 1864 brand is inspired by a German estate

In the heart of Northern Germany, near the picturesque Baltic Sea coast, lies the Heuerstubben Estate. It was built in 1864 and is now the home of the brand Heritage 1864. The estate was once owned by a respected baron and later inhabited by an influential Hanseatic, who imbued the house with a spirit of Hanseatic culture that the brand continues to cherish and cultivate. 'This Hanseatic tradition serves as an inspiring source for our work,' says Helene Knorr, creative director at Heritage 1864. In an interview Helene shares her insights into the brand.

The Heuerstubben Estate, the home of Heritage 1864.

The beach chair
The flagship product of Heritage 1864 is the beach chair. 'Originally designed to provide shelter form the wind on the beach, it has evolved into a luxurious garden furniture piece that offers comfort an relaxation. Angelo Bris, co-founder of the company, has over 20 years of experience in crafting beach chairs and has introduced numerous improvements and innovations over the years,' says Helene.

The manufacturing process of the beach chairs, made in their workshop in Ahrensbök, is characterised by durability and sustainability. Only teak and mahogany wood are used for the framework of the beach chairs. 'The original real rattan weave has been replaced with durable, UV-resistant, and easy-to-maintain PE rattan. These raw materials are imported directly from a foreign partner company, ensuring the highest quality and ethical sourcing standards,' Helene explains. 'In the Ahrensbök workshop, German expertise meets traditional craftsmanship. Here, the beach chairs are meticulously handcrafted, combining state-of-the-art technologies with time-tested methods. Every detail, from rust-resistant stainless steel fittings to patented sliding drawer footrests, is carefully considered and executed.'

The beach chair by Heritage 1864.

The company has primarily been active in Germany so far. 'The brand has successfully captured the love of the German population for this unique piece of furniture. However, the time has come to introduce the beach chair and other products from Heritage 1864 to the rest of the world,' says Helene. That's why the brand recently showed their products at Maison&Objet in Paris last month. 'The positive feedback and enthusiasm in Paris were promising and have encouraged us to pursue this path further. Plans for expansion into England and Saudi Arabia are already in the works for the current year. We're aiming to introduce the beach chair and other products in these countries, thereby sharing the beauty and comfort of this unique garden furniture piece with the world.'

More information:
Heritage 1864
Heuerstubben 4
23623 Ahrensbök, Germany
+49 16099170646
[email protected]