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Livingstone shares their experience at Maison&Objet

'No client venturing into the stand could resist; some were even seen caressing it'

In a context where the crowd was flowing, visitors crossing paths until they jostled during peak hours, Livingstone's stand at a 90-degree angle was a cherished zone to escape the nearby hustle. The Livingstone team shares their experience at Maison & Objet: 'For the new Maison & Objet 2024 edition, the Livingstone stand lived up to its promises as an exhibitor for a design and decoration fair. From January 18 to 22, our space successfully captivated an eclectic audience, attracting visitors from around the world : Italy, Germany, England, the United States, Latin America, and Japan.'

StoneAcoustic speaker by Livingstone.

With three brands under their belt, brothers Christophe and Baptiste Pelouin decided to expand their passion for design and stone by creating the Livingstone brand with Dimitri Bernard-Lorin. By assembling a team of talented designers with different creative backgrounds, this new Parisian interior furniture house aims to be modern and family-oriented.

'Livingstone, beyond being a company, is a journey around the world. True nomads of stone and surrounded by the best marble workers, our exceptional selection comes mainly from quarries in Italy and Portugal, emblematic places for marble since antiquity. The extracted stone embodies luxury and elegance to meet the most demanding requests,' they say.

Chess Set by Livingstone in collaboration with District Eight.

The stand highlighted a collection of multifunctional furniture. 'An innovative pine wood dining table followed by modern armchairs, coffee tables, and a chessboard, all illuminated by captivating marble lighting; a unique backgammon table, a long beige sofa, and again coffee tables but of an entirely different style—these were the first manifestations one discovered at the stand.'

'We stood out thanks to the quality of the creations and the variety of the furniture, but it must also be recognised that the omnipotence of stone, as well as the display of samples of the most prestigious stones on the outer parts of the stand, played a significant role. Additionally, a central floral space created a fresh ambience, and at the back of the stand, a sublime onyx work surface, where a chef could practice cooking much to the delight of our clients, enhanced the spectacle.'

'Our most successful and attractive works revolved around the iconic backgammon, crafted in onyx and positioned at the forefront of the stand, the ping-pong table made of wood that could double as a dining table, and the magnificent StoneAcoustic speaker, also shaped in onyx.'

Ping-pong Table by Livingstone in collaboration with District Eight.

'If visitors sat down to Aurélien Caoudal's backgammon, they didn't hesitate to indulge in a game when they found a partner. Similar to the backgammon, the ping-pong table naturally attracted the most playful individuals for some exchanges, creating a definitively festive atmosphere. Under the auspices of all these games, a fine and delicate music spread, a seductive and enchanting melody that enhanced the exhibition. It emanated from Sébastien Bouchet's StoneAcoustic speaker, which no client venturing into the stand could resist ; some were even seen caressing it.'

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