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Stockholm Furniture Fair:

The winners of Scandinavian Design Awards 2024

The winners of the Scandinavian Design Awards have been announced for this year's seven categories. The winners have been appointed by a distinguished jury from the architecture and design industries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The award is an initiative to celebrate and highlight both established players and newcomers in the fields of architecture, interior design, and design in Scandinavia.

Winners of Scandinavian Design Awards 2024 are:

Architecture of the Year Award 2024

Press House by Atelier Oslo and KIMA Arkitektur Oslo, Norway
The jury's motivation: As the cliche says, a mix of old and new. But of course, much more than that – this project is a refined, contemporary interpretation of the eternal challenges we face as we build society together. How do we take care of each other? How do we make life beautiful and functional? And how do we best manage history without losing momentum forward, toward the stars? The Architecture of the Year is a place for practical poetry, a place to meet and live with. What could be more relevant?

Furniture of the Year Award 2024

Bench Ypsilon, by Daniel Rybakken for Vestre, Norway
The jury's motivation: Seemingly simple – as all truly great ideas – but far more advanced than it looks. A design created years ago and then put to rest. Seventeen years later the designer realised that it needed to come to life. Nothing has been changed from the original idea, which only goes to show that great design is everlasting. It is clever, simple, discreet, stripped down and brutalist handsome. Even though the design is iconically crystal clear, it will never be the loudest speaking part of an outdoor space. We salute the new member of the successful family of designs for this forward thinking company.

Designer of the Year Award 2024

Cecilie Manz, Denmark
The jury's motivation: A multifaceted designer with a strong sensitivity for materials, details, form and function, Cecilie Manz has proven time and time again that she is a creator of modern classics. Her designs often appear effortlessly simple, yet they hide intricate engineering and meticulous craftsmanship beneath their surface. Manz’s ability to make the complicated seem simple is a testament to her deep understanding of the design and production processes, allowing her to create versatile designs that stand the test of time. Never compromising on aesthetics or her design language, Cecilie Manz is a creator of beautiful, timeless, functional pieces that enhance both surroundings and everyday lives.

Interior Designer of the year Award 2024

Halleroed, Sweden
The jury's motivation: Crafting not just functional spaces, but destinations in themselves, Halleroed, a Swedish design agency established in 1998 by Christian and Ruxandra Halleröd, stands in a league of its own as a symbol of boldness and innovation in interior design and architecture. What sets Halleroed apart is their role as trendsetters, challenging norms and creating extraordinary destinations. They go beyond mere functionality, tailoring interiors to evoke a sense of place. Pioneers in the industry, their unique approach inspires others. Unafraid to break rules, Halleroed leaves an indelible mark on the industry, dedicated to enhancing client brand identities. With a commitment to crafting interiors as unique destinations, they continue to captivate and inspire, solidifying their influential position in design.

Interior Design Product of the Year 2024

Wine rack Silo, by Chris Martin for Massproductions, Sweden
The jury's motivation: 'Design should never be easy. The end result should look easy, but I am never satisfied unless I've been struggling at some part in the process.' The words are Chris Martin, designer-in-chief and co-founder of Massproductions, the company he started together with designer Magnus Elebäck in 1999, with a neo-modern mission to break free of PR-driven product strategies and focus on the interplay between object and context. Wine and design, the perfect combination, are we right? The wine rack is a fun interior detail we haven't seen a lot of since the 90's. Based on a continuous loop, Silo wine rack is an unbroken line of wood, where the bottles rest firmly in milled-out compartments. It brings joy both to the eye and to the wine.

Rising Star of the year Award 2024

Didi NG Wing Yin, Finland
The jury's motivation: For a well-dressed transformation of classic design into a contemporary expression with a specification in woodworking, in both sculptural and functional furniture and objects. The artistic creations focus on craftsmanship and material culture. For broadening the concept of woodworking and contemporary design by emphasizing the essence of wood in its materiality through conceptual thinking, experimental surface treatment, and carving techniques. Didi's passion for woodworking throughout the years has aimed at exploring the honest expression of wood, which can be stated in one word – naturalness.

Sustainability Award of the Year 2024

Home.Earth, for their strong commitment to sustainability and the project Doughnut for Urban Development, Copenhagen, Denmark
The jury's motivation: The winner is a true leader in the realm of real estate and urban development. They have bravely pioneered a visionary framework, firmly rooted within the planetary boundaries, with inclusivity, social sustainability, and economic viability at its heart. Their generosity shines through as they offer this transformative framework to the industry, free of charge, catalysing the rapid adoption of these innovative ideals. Their unwavering commitment to industry innovation and sustainability is nothing short of inspirational, making them a most deserving recipient of the Sustainability Achievement of the Year.

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