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Interview with the Italian outdoor designbrand Talenti:

'We have no doubt that we have helped start a revolution in the industry'

Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture: chairs, tables and accessories that come to life thanks to the company's natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers. InteriorDaily spoke with the brand about their participation at Maison&Objet in Paris, the design process, collaborations with various designers and innovations.

Talenti collaborates with internationally renowned designers to bring outdoor furniture to life. Could you share insights into the design process and how these collaborations contribute to the unique aesthetic and innovation of Talenti's collections?
'Talenti is a brand that has been able to continually evolve, and we have no doubt that we have helped start a revolution in the industry. Fabrizio Cameli looked for "talents" who were able to turn this vision into reality: we wanted outdoor to have the same dignity as interior, we wanted to create a continuity between In & Out. To achieve the goal, first of all, we created the theme with the whole Cameli family at the forefront assisted by a team of high-level collaborators. The not-so-secret ingredient of this success is precisely the ability to create synergy both creatively and technologically. Imagination, ingenuity but also scientific research, identification of new materials, all contributed to the creation of an original and unique brand. Thanks to Marco Acerbis, the first to collaborate with us, and then Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, creators of the leap in quality in recent years, but also Ramon Esteve who created the most iconic collection in our catalogue, Christian Visentin, Nicola De Pellegrini (debut of the first outdoor kitchen) the two Frenchmen Jean Philippe Nuel and Christophe Pillet and new entry Carlo Colombo. Ours is a constant revolution that bets on research, creativity and teamwork to offer a dream called outdoor.'

Talenti is known for carefully choosing materials and finishes. How does the company approach the selection of materials, and how does this contribute to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the outdoor furniture?
'Having a responsible attitude towards the environment around us is undoubtedly an objective that a company in the outdoor world must pursue and is intrinsic in the vision of Talenti. When we think of a product, in the concept phase, our will is to create a quality project that lasts over time and requires little maintenance. We rely on suppliers who share our vision and each component is designed, projected and intended to last because we firmly believe that the longevity of the product and therefore of the materials that compose it, is already a first decisive step along the path of sustainable development and towards sustainability in more general terms. A company today must turn its attention to the durability of a project, must use and select materials having in mind their life cycle. Ideally, a sustainable design project must take into account not only the use and research of certain materials, but also the production process, logistics and how the product can be reused at the end of its life cycle. For this reason Talenti has launched a real manifesto, a "Sustainability Dossier", where it highlights the use of green materials such as Accoya, Teak, aluminium or the brand new Vitter. But the plus is represented by the introduction of a brand new completely green fabric created by the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles and recyclable at the end of its use.'

Having recently showcased at Maison&Objet in Paris, could you highlight some of the key features or designs from the newest collections? Were there any specific trends or inspirations that influenced the latest creations?
'For Talenti, France is the first international market and it was important to stay and show our novelties. For the occasion, we have presented the world premiere of the Ever collection by designer Christophe Pillet. The visitors also had the opportunity to discover the latest version of Allure Collection. In addition, the audience could immerse themselves in the Talenti universe through the exotic Dolcevita and the inspired Venice, both new designs by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. In particular, as suggested by the name, Ever challenges time and the endless chase of trends by proposing a series of outdoor furniture that can adapt to any environment and context but remains true to itself. Modern but classic, refined and minimalist. The essential lines, the roundness of the cushions make up elements of evergreen furniture that look to the future of outdoor living, treasuring the great classics of the past. Streamlined compositions, and therefore versatile, in shapes and colours, oriented towards neutral shades inspired by the natural environment, an example par excellence of cyclicality and durability. A collection that focuses on living and dining sets, in which the versatile wood and the elegant lava stone meet to give life to a modern concept but of classical inspiration.'

Talenti aims to create practical collections for personalised environments. How does the company consider the study of space and product innovation to achieve this goal, and what are the key elements in designing outdoor spaces?
'We believe that research and innovation should proceed on a dual track: on the one hand, the creation of products that in form and use can be versatile, innovative, and practical but without sacrificing elegance. On the other hand, the choice of original, alternative and durable materials. We are making strides in both directions, and year after year we will be able to propose more and more innovative solutions for the outdoor of the future.'

Talenti emphasises creating furnishings that stand the test of time. How does the company achieve longevity in its designs, and in what ways does Talenti believe its outdoor furniture can transform various outdoor spaces?
'For us, creativity and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Each of our products conceals complex design work, with an almost maniacal attention to detail, which is then the hallmark of the craftsman of the modern era. The pandemic changed our understanding of the outdoors, surely the most important lesson was that we finally conveyed the idea that outdoor furniture is an extension of the indoor world, with a focus on the relationship with nature. Something that has always been in our DNA, but today has become common thought. The materials have also adapted. Aluminum and polypropylene, which are easy to sanitise, have become in high demand, but product shapes have also gradually changed. Our Panama Egg and the Casilda Daybed, which invite private, personal relaxation, are an example. Furniture in accordance with that social distancing that is unfortunately characterising our lives in the last two years but which, paradoxically, can be a source of inspiration for creating new forms. Certainly, we are living differently. Masks, distance, vaccines etc., but design has always been used to be the answer to a need, a way to simplify life through the creativity of our minds.'

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