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ORMO'S presents Iconic, in collaboration with four prominent interior designers in Spain

ORMO'S presents Iconic, its new collection, developed in collaboration with four of the most prominent interior designers in Spain: Pepe Leal, Alejandra Pombo, Patricia Bustos, and Erico Navazo, a regular collaborator with the Sevillian company. 'We wanted to give a twist to the proposal, and for that, we selected a group of national designers with very different personalities and styles whom we commissioned to create two seats – a chair or armchair and a sofa – with total freedom. We were clear that they should be four, two men and two women, and, with Erico already fixed, it was a matter of choosing the rest following a double criterion: that their perspectives were complementary and their trajectories definitive. And the truth is that we formed an extraordinary team,' explains Antonio Moreno, manager of Ormo's.

With the ultimate goal of presenting two "easy and versatile, very wearable" pieces that fit into various environments and styles, the always surprising Pepe Leal signs the armchair "Pepe", inspired by the stools from his childhood in La Mancha, traditional low chairs made of pine wood and bulrush for sitting by the fire, and the sofa "Lucía", an enticing praise of curves. 'In both cases, I have aimed for their rounded shapes to make users feel enveloped, embraced, and wanting to stay in them,' says Leal.

Meanwhile, the ubiquitous and versatile Alejandra Pombo bets on 'a new concept of home: a creative space where we can develop not only our personal identity but also our projects and dreams.' Thus, she proposes two pieces with a star vocation – the "Prana" chair, named after the vital flow that animates matter, and the "Cassiopeia" sofa, inspired by the star constellation of the same name – that 'transmit harmony, energy, and well-being through a perfect symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.'

Bold and unmistakable, Patricia Bustos delves into her 'fusion of the futuristic aesthetics of the space age with the functional elegance of iconic creations from the 1970s.' The two pieces that make up the Saturn family – a chair and a sofa so light and soft that they seem to float – evoke the enigmatic planet: first, a gathered fabric ring surrounds the user when seated in them, and its magnetic field is so strong that the attraction is immediate.

And, last but not least, Erico Navazo presents in his third collaboration with the company two seats – the "Beny" sofa and the "Inés" armchair – inspired by 'the refined lines of Art Deco and the work of great designers from the 1920s and 1930s – such as Jean-Michel Frank, Armand-Albert Rateau, or ÉmileJacques Ruhlmann.' Their bold volumes, softened by sinuous and enveloping curves, give them a pronounced character and timeless elegance suitable for all kinds of environments.

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