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Bruno Descamps from Lamett Europe: 'The entire team is looking forward to April 2024'

In 2023, the flooring market found stability in a post-Covid economy. Bruno Descamps from Lamett reflects on the shift towards sustainable and well-considered consumer choices. The Flemish flooring producer and distributor continues to respond to this with innovative products. Logistical challenges and uncertainties remain, but Descamps views the future positively. His company is opening a new showroom and training centre in April 2024, which the team is eagerly anticipating. His message: stay positive, believe in teamwork.

CEO and co-founder Bruno Descamps​ of Lamett: 'Faith can move mountains; especially with a good team!'

How did the flooring industry develop in 2023?
Bruno Descamps: 'The flooring market has gone back to a slightly more stable situation after the intense Covid years. Unfortunately, the world is struggling and this is also economically apparent. The rising prices, including those of building materials, compel the consumer to make well-thought-out and conscious choices. Sustainability and human well-being take centre stage and are placed on top of design and aesthetics. Our latest products can reflect this. Wood&Stone combines a beautiful wooden veneer layer with a spc-base. This means you need up to six times less wood than for a composite parquet. The Parquetvinyl collection Nakuru reduces the transmission noise by 21dB. This ensures significantly more peace at home. Peace in your house and in your head.'

What challenges has Lamett faced in 2023?
Bruno Descamps: 'Accurate inventory management is crucial to be able to deliver quickly on the one hand, but also to ensure that inventory levels are not sky-high. Logistics prices are still considerably higher than a few years ago, so here too, work is being done as efficiently as possible. Common sense must prevail. By making employees aware of the costs at all levels and letting them take responsibility, you can save a lot and keep the situation manageable. The difference is often in the small things.'

What are your expectations for 2024?
Bruno Descamps: 'The only certainty... is that there are no certainties. Themes such as sustainability and social responsibility will continue to be the common thread. This is the driving force for product innovations, new processes and applications, hybrid products etc. In April 2024, we are not only opening the new Lamett showroom of 650m², we are also taking a new training and product development centre into use. The whole team is looking forward to it.'

What will you stop doing in 2024 that you did in 2023?
Bruno Descamps: 'In 2023, we introduced a new CRM system. We are honestly glad that this is behind us and that we can now reap the benefits of this system.'

Do you have a message for the readers?
Bruno Descamps: 'Stay positive and keep believing. Faith can move mountains; especially with a good team!
And... everyone is welcome in our new showroom.'

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